A bad day for working people: Right to Work and Gorsuch. This is not a head fake.


When Antonin Scalia bought the farm, it left the Supreme Court split on the issue of agency fees and Right to Work laws.

Trump’s choice – really any choice he would have made – will end the four/four split on the court unless the Democrats obstruct any Supreme Court appointment for the next four years at least.

Right. That will happen.

What were once called “union shops” have been outlawed in the United States since Congress enacted the Taft-Hartley law in 1947. Nobody is compelled to  join a union.

In Illinois if a teacher doesn’t want to join the IFT or the IEA they don’t have to. But they have to pay the share of dues that go to fair representation and bargaining.

These are agency fees, fair share or security agreements.

The next Supreme Court will outlaw all that.

And they might not have to if the Republican controlled Congress passes national right to work legislation which they have promised to do. Trump will sign it.

Some observers expect a full repeal of the National Labor Relations Act.

I’m not taking any time here to defend agency fees. The TrumpTrolls that read this blog won’t be convinced. But workers and union members understand that people benefiting from a free ride is essentially unfair.

The existence of organized labor in the United States is threatened.

Union leadership needs to fight like our lives depended on it.

Past practice being the best predictor of future performance, I am not optimistic.

Others may have to step up.

This is not a head fake.

One Reply to “A bad day for working people: Right to Work and Gorsuch. This is not a head fake.”

  1. They are not “right to work” laws; they are “right to free-ride” laws. Right to work is double-speak when the laws in fact create no such right at all.

    Why are union leaderships not rising to the challenge? Do you think they under-estimate the threat or are they afraid that greater confrontation will further weaken their standing?

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