2 Replies to “Sad.”

  1. I like the way the Douglass family dealt with Mr. Trump’s comments regarding Frederick Douglass. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/more-and-more-about-frederick-douglass_us_5892855fe4b01a7d8e512b13
    Instead of challenging him with quiz like comments like so many people are when they make statements like, “Trump probably couldn’t name one thing that Frederick Douglass did”, the Douglass family acknowledged Trump’s comments and added more specific ones. It was a pure class move.

    Why would the Douglass family pursue a challenge to Mr. Trump? By now we all have a pretty good idea as to his personality. The Douglass family apparently saw that type of challenge as a waste of energy. Instead, they chose to have a positive addition added to Mr. Trump’s brief comment.

  2. He doesnt know Australia is our ally and Russia is not. On Cnn Lt Gen Mark Hertling said he thinks there will be a crisis in 30 to 60 days and we will have no allies. I watched it on the replay. He did not say if he said he thinks there will be a crisis in that time period. Then we have Bannon predicting war with China and Iran in the Guardian

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