Keeping retirement weird. On the radio and part of The Resistance.

Five years into retirement I just got this new gig.

Friday we did a pilot for a radio show we call Hitting Left with my brother Mike. It’s not a sports show, although Mike would love to do one of those too. He’s the jock in the family and the show’s title was his idea.

Instead it is a radio version of what the two of us do once a week in real life. We get some coffee. We pay attention and talk about what’s is going on in the world and what can be done, especially now under the rule of the junta.

The pilot went well enough so that we will be doing this every Friday at 11AM at 105.5 FM in Chicago, streaming at and also archived on their site if you want to listen later.

This week we had guest Troy LaRaviere, currently President of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association.

“Really interesting parallel comparisons of administrators and teacher union roadblocks,” texted a former teaching colleague.” “He was articulate in why he climbed the to admin to make change and you were equally articulate in pushing teachers to make change within the classroom. Actually pretty inspiring.”

You can still hear and re-hear the show here.

I got tons  of suggestions about how to do it better.

Which I totally appreciate.

Jim, a fellow retired teacher, sent along some notes after listening.

I would like to compare your new adventure to learning to drive stick shift. I’m sure that you, being of a certain age, as I am, know how to do this.

When you start out it’s all about coordination. Hand on the gear shift(you). Foot on the clutch (your bro). The other  foot on the gas pedal (you and/or him). When you first  start to drive it takes time to get it all together so the ride is smooth from start to finish. Eventually, it all comes together and going from one point to another is fun and “automatic”, so to speak.

Love it. A teacher is always a teacher.

He’s right about the stick shift metaphor. And he’s right that you have to be of a certain age to understand the stick shift metaphor.

Driving home from the Bridgeport home of the radio station, I was thinking of Trump’s stupid claim that protesters in Berkeley, California were “paid anarchists.”

Just as supporters of Trump had labeled the four million who showed up in DC and around the world two weeks ago, “professional protesters.”

Apparently we are all in the employ of George Soros.

Logan, who serves as Lumpen Radio’s station manager, producer and station visionary, will tell you there is no money in community radio.

And if somebody wants to claim this new work doing a radio show is part of the gig economy I can assure them that there’s no economy in this gig.

What is it?

A part of The Resistance.

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