7 Replies to “Pension vultures.”

  1. On and on it goes. In Chicago we have a so called mayor hell bent on killing OUR CITY by bullets loans and bonds. He has been in office almost 6 years and the only truth that he has ever said was he would screw the retirees. Boy has he ever. Its amazing that a person on the job for 6 years can come in and wipe out any benifit promised to those that dedicated their lives for 36 years to the city. He talks of the American dream (actually it’s bullshit to get votes) for those from other countries as he wipes out any of the retirees American Dreams. He has many retirees that will not withstand the healthcare cuts. He just created a new class of homeless, past City Workers.
    Then to keep his low standard of a human being intact, he has fun practicing on the Chicago school children and teachers. Between 9Fingers and and his boy wonder Forest Cesspool, each day is spent for 2 goals, to privatize and bankrupt CPS to enrich the 1% ers. Every week it seems Cesspool or 9Fingers announce 100 of millions of shortages and in turn they make loans or bond deals at high interest to be paid by us to his 1%ers. His loans use to be 100 of millions. He has graduated to loans and bonds into the billions now. In the mean time he blames the teachers union and the teachers and makes the school children suffer. At his whim he knocks off 4 school days to cheat our teachers and rob our children of 4 days of learning, and announces a new 70 to 100 million high school in Dunning all in the midst of over another billion dollar screwing to the taxpayers. I guess our American Dream and right to a free public education for all is wiped out also by 9Fingers oh and let’s credit to 9House too. In Illinois we are so fortunate to have 2 of the worse leaders in the country.
    Which brings me to the theory as to why there is no public outcry over all the wrong this one so called man has done to Chicago and it’s citizens. Add to all the above our tinted red streets and sidewalks. It all leads to one thing, the leaded pipes we drink from….HE IS KILLING OUR CHICAGO WITH BULLETS AND LOANS…WAKE UP CHICAGO BEFORE WHAT LITTLE WE HAVE WILL BE GONE….

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