Live from Chicago. It’s Sunday morning.

A top ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner warned members of the largest state employee union to be “careful” about “crossing” the Republican governor by going on strike, suggesting that individual jobs are more important than the group’s political standing in Springfield.

The comments by House Republican leader Jim Durkin come as members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 are voting on whether to authorize a walkout amid a prolonged contract battle with Rauner.

“They are dealing with a person who’s a very determined individual, and he’s a tough person. And he drives a bargain,” Durkin said during a Friday taping of WLS-AM 890’s “Connected to Chicago” that airs at 7 p.m. Sunday.

“But the fact is, if you cross him, I think you have to be careful. That’s a situation, if you do that, you’re crossing a governor who’s, I think he’s going to do what he thinks is best at the end of the day, which is not going to be in the best interests of AFSCME members and their families and loved ones,” Durkin said. Chicago Tribune


Trump protesters at Republican Congressman Peter Roskam’s office in suburban Wheaton, Illinois. No place to hide.


Over time, we’ve seen that it’s very hard to have an authoritarian or a totalitarian society, a state that runs, without a secret police. And you can’t—what you need the secret police for is to gather information secretly. The surveillance techniques and abilities that we have today are really unparalleled in history.

And while we can’t yet be sure what the Trump administration’s motives are, what they have at their disposal is far greater than what was had in Soviet Russia, in Nazi Germany. I’m thinking in particular of Himmler complaining that he had trouble keeping track of all the people he needed to, because he needed so many agents. But when you have the kind of technology that we do, you don’t need as many people, if you have the right tools to use. And so, the ability to gather that kind of information and then potentially use it, domestically or on foreigners who happen to be here, I think is something that’s worth paying attention to and to be concerned about. Andrea Pitzer, Democracy Now!



The Washington-based judge, who was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2004, is almost certain to remain in national headlines, as a latest target of Trump’s ire. The last time Trump, then a Republican presidential candidate, started picking a public fight with a federal judge, Trump’s openly racist attack on the judge dominated news cycles and became a major talking point for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

This wouldn’t even be the first time Robart received national media attention regarding a hot-button political issue. In August, during a court hearing for a 2012 lawsuit filed by the Obama administration against the Seattle Police Department, Robart declared that “black lives matter,” and sharply criticized the Seattle police union for holding the city “hostage.”

“According to FBI statistics, police shootings resulting in deaths involved 41 percent black people, despite being only 20 percent of the population living in those cities,” Robart said during last year’s hearing. “41 percent of the casualties, 20 percent of the population. Black. Lives. Matter.” The Daily Gawker


IEA members are encouraged to show support for Elgin Unit District 46 bus drivers and assistants by attending a rally followed immediately by the U 46 school board meeting at the district office.

The rally at 355 E Chicago St, Elgin, begins at 6pm on Monday, February 6.

The drivers and assistants say the proposal to turn their jobs over to private companies runs counter to the goal of ensuring all students travel safely to and from school.

We’re not only connected to our students. Because we are employees of the district, we’re plugged-in with teachers, paraeducators, administrators and the parents—everybody in the school community. That means, together, we can all work to help every student be successful.

Most of us live in the district. We know the kids’ names, and we know all the local routes in our community because we’ve driven them for years. Some of us have children and even grandchildren in local schools. Members of the community trust us because they know us.

Privatization means replacing trained, reliable and dedicated local school bus drivers and assistants with people who have less experience and aren’t part of the school community. Plus, you lose quality control that’s important in making sure students have the kind of experience and service they deserve.

Show your support for these  hardworking education employees. The rally at 355 E Chicago St, Elgin, begins at 6pm on Monday, February 6 and will be immediately followed by a meeting of the U46 school board.



Coffee bars around the country are raising money for the ACLU this weekend. This is Damn Fine Coffee in Logan Square, Chicago.



The police came to Last Child Camp in broad daylight, with armored vehicles and guns drawn, to rip our people from our land.  Many water protectors were on prayer walks and in ceremony. We watched from the top of the hill at Oceti Oyate Camp as the troops moved in against them. We sent our prayers to those innocent and brave warriors who came to stand with the people of Standing Rock, and to protect the sacred waters of Unci Maka (Mother Earth). Ladonna Bravebull Allard 

6 Replies to “Live from Chicago. It’s Sunday morning.”

  1. But, the Clinton foundation will help us out!!! Wait, it was closed???? Have you ever hear of a charitable organization closing??? Oh, wait why did Australia give 88 million dollars to it???? Well, to help feed the hungry!!! Doesn’t the UN do that???

  2. There was an old TV mini series called Amerika that Politico thought was closer. No invasion like Red Dawn. We just let our education and economy decay …sound familiar but it was the commies not the nazis.Here it’s more of a fascist Russian Empire picking up its decaying old parts and us. Sort of in the open like Huxley and Trump supporters on Vicoden instead of Soma.

  3. The call to show solidarity with the Elgin Unit District 46 bus drivers and assistants by attending the rally is what unions should be doing. I wish that more union locals would emulate Karen Lewis and the CTU – too many have forgotten how hard our brothers and sisters who preceded us fought (and even died for) the rights we take for granted.

    We now see local leaders who like the feel of being at the Special Table, and who push interest-based bargaining to the detriment of their rank-and-file. The IFT prefers engaging in SitStayBeg. One downstate IFT local’s president openly expresses hatred for the Chicago Teachers Union and consistently tells membership that rallies and marches don’t work. That’s the kind of thinking that gave us Duncan and King, and greases the skids for Devos and RTW for less.

    And then those locals wonder why their membership is so disengaged …….

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