DeVos’ win is their loss.


Betsy DeVos will make a terrible Secretary of Education.

I say this not because she paid for some right-wing union haters to demand that the Park Ridge school district fire me.  I taught for 30 years  and I was the union president.

I say this not because she is a bumbling fool or because she is inexperienced.

She’s experienced enough as a public school destroyer, thank you. And that’s what she was hired to do.

The truth is I haven’t really been happy with Secretaries of Education in a long time.

Rod Paige? Maggie Spellings? Arne Duncan?  John King?


Will Betsy be worse?

Yes. But with less federal power.

And there are these wins:

She was the first cabinet appointment that needed a vote by the Veep to win approval.

Millions of people contacted their Senators in opposition to a cabinet position nobody cared about a couple of administrations ago.

Pop quiz!

Who was the first Secretary of Education?

I’ll give you hint.

She was appointed by Jimmy Carter.

Her name was Shirley Hofstedler. And by the way she was a lawyer and judge with no background in education. Nobody heard of her.

So now people are paying attention and that’s good.

Does anybody think the two Republicans who voted against DeVos would have been allowed to do that if they didn’t think DeVos was guaranteed and had the numbers?

But this.

Does anybody think that the Democrats would have voted in lockstep against DeVos and talked all last night if they weren’t afraid of you?

It’s another (partial) win for The Resistance.

I’m pumped. What’s next?

10 Replies to “DeVos’ win is their loss.”

  1. There have been very few cabinet picks ever rejected. I am pumped it means the dems will block a lot with the fillibuster…..the debt ceiling should be fun….make it 50 50 like this.. what it means is the republicans cant change any of our education labor orenvironmental laws and it keeps key parts of the ACA intact.what can happen is a lot wont be fjndedbfor 4 years……if they can even put a budget together

  2. Betsy comes in wounded; but they’ll try to push their agenda anyway. So it’s probably ok they got their feckless fool approved. It could have bee a smart person with evil intent. This one couldn’t be bothered learning about the system she wants to destroy. If the public paid attention, this will be ok. It’s a step toward dumping all these fools.

  3. Betsy may not be the big thing to worry about in her family. Her brother and his army of mercenaries (Blackwater) may be sharpening their bayonets and revving up their helicopters as we speak.

  4. Booker, for example, never saw a charter school in Newark he didn’t like. He sits on the DFER board. He is quite adept at measuring the direction of the political winds. He ran to Dulles to protest the Muslim immigration ban. What a guy!

  5. OMG…Three or is it four military generals in top posts….
    An unqualified president being goaded into was by his handlers
    An undeniable fraternization with Putin
    More ties to Blackwater…..

  6. She’s just going to end the position though and throw the states back on their own devices. What will that lead to? Do states have enough to manage the education of their kids? Will it leAd to complete decay of science programs in the Bible Belt? Will there be any kind of National standards. Will teachers (or kids) be able to move states? Will it be the death of state colleges?
    Reminds me of when Ronald Reagan closed state developmental centers and mental hospitals in California. Counties and cities weren’t prepared with staff, money or programs to handle the population. First time I ever say a homeless person was after that move. And don’t tell me private schools are going to be able to take up the slack.

  7. Things are going to get even worse for all public school teachers under DeVos. Unionized teachers will be blamed for everything and the teachers union leaders will be silenced one way or another.

    1. What’s missing in this discussion is somebody speaking for the students. The opinions of current students would not be as cogent as those who have been through the system and seen a bit of the world. I had an excellent public education in a blue collar neighborhood of a major city. My children went to public schools and are they sending my grandchildren to urban public schools. The grandchildren are bored and unhappy and their parents are disillusioned. In a couple of decades someone may be able to judge the wisdom of the education decisions being made for children by their parents. However, those who can afford it are opting out because of less-than-subtle messages that urban schools’ mission is to teach to the lowest common denominator of students with no attention to children whose math and reading are “at grade level.” Meanwhile, grade level based on test scores in urban schools seems to be declining. This is not news to teachers and administrators. They see the out-migration of kids from stable homes and presumably share the frustration of the parents who made the decision to migrate. It’s a similar frustration that has led us to Dutch Reformed philosophy in the cabinet. Some introspection by those who teach and those who are paid well to administer would be helpful at this point. Rather than stir each other up in the lunchroom or at the union hall, how about some major initiatives to turn the trajectory upward? It might not take that much improvement to elect liberals of stature (or should I say “progressives”) in 2020. If not teachers, who? If not now, when?

      1. There won’t be a USDE in 2020. The goal all along was to dismantle USDE and just hours after DeVos’ confirmation, a group of GOP Senators are already planning to get this done by 2018. DeVos was put in the position to get rid of the whole department. Once her mission is complete, she will go back to making money and wreaking havoc in Michigan and the rest of the country will be left to pick up the pieces by deciding what to do with the education of children. This was plain as day to me and it would have been the same with any nominee appointed by Trump (actually Pence).

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