7 Replies to “Breaking: Cullerton’s Grand Bargain pension theft fails to pass. Look for a return.”

  1. Thanks, Fred, for posting the Senate votes. Glad to know my Senator voted no! (What’s up w/Morrison & Silverstein? Even Radogno voted Present.)
    The latter begging the question, what are they going to come up with next?!

  2. I think Cullerton and friends went to kick the football again.Koehler is the only downstate Dem I see. The rest look like Chicago…where they have CPS so very few affected constituents.

  3. Meanwhile the neighbors are behaving badly. Missouri and Kentucky passed right to work. Missouri can overturn by referendum. Worse is Iowa which also got Republican trifecta is set to limit collective bargaining for teachers on health care. All unions have rallied against this one.

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