3 Replies to “Silenced by the Senate.”

  1. “I am surprised that the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate,” Warren replied….

    “It’s a sad day in America when the words of Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow are not allowed on the floor of the United States Senate,” Donna Brazile, interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said after the vote to silence Warren. “Let Elizabeth Warren speak. The American people deserve to hear how Jeff Sessions is an extremist who will be a rubber stamp for this out-of-control Trump presidency.”

    The Congressional Black Caucus said that McConnell’s actions were “disgusting & disgraceful.
    The Republicans are a bunch of sheep who follow their ‘leader’. There can be no intelligent discussion or criticism, only loyalty is allowed. How about having the Repubs bowing their heads in unison? They haven’t started practicing that yet.

  2. Mitch is just doing a slow burn because Trump took away the TPP deal. He’s kind of ticked off at everybody right now! He’ll get over it.

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