The man who said no to DeVos.

On Friday newly appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos attempted to enter a Washington D.C. public neighborhood elementary school. Protesters turned her away.

Some, like American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, accused protesters of using violence.

But that wasn’t so. It was a peaceful protest.

Weingarten went to Twitter.

News video of the protest doesn’t provide support for Weingarten’s claim about what she “heard.”

Weingarten posted on my Facebook feed:


As a result of the accusation of violence, Bilal Ahmed Askaryar of Washington was arrested and faces charges of misdemeanor assault and failing to obey an officer.

 Askaryar came to the United States as a 5-year-old refugee from Afghanistan.

Who is Bilal Ahmed Askaryar?

NPR broadcast a story by Askaryar following Trump’s EO banning Muslims form the United States.

On Friday, an executive order was released that indicated the United States is banning the entry of Syrian refugees and temporarily suspending immigration for anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. To me, this policy looks to be based on nothing but prejudice against Muslims.

This has happened before. In 1939, the United States refused entry to another group of refugees: Jews fleeing Nazi Germany.

Bilal Askaryar visited Herat’s Grand Mosque on a trip to Afghanistan in 2014. He also returned to the site of his family home in Kabul, and found it gone after years of war.

Courtesy of Bilal Askaryar

Refugees are by definition the most vulnerable people among us. Families don’t choose to sacrifice everything they have and leave their homes unless their homes become like the mouth of a shark. Scapegoating people who are fleeing for their lives is an inhumanity that no person with a heart should be able to defend.

4 thoughts on “The man who said no to DeVos.

  1. As usual, Randi has it all wrong. This is like the false reporting (fake news!)
    from MSNBC, when Rachel Maddow preceded her Monday night show after the Nevada Dem meeting, when Bernie Sanders supporters were accused of throwing chairs (& this story went on & on, all over msm)–she showed a clip from a Hulk Hogan WWE match, where audience members were, indeed, throwing chairs. If they HAD been throwing chairs, you can bet that the DNC would have captured it on cell phones. But…nooo…because it never happened. However, Maddow & her staff apparently thought they were on NBC, putting on a little comedy/satirical show called Saturday Night Live.

    Thanks, msm, & thanks, Randi, for your part in the disaster that is befalling the country today.

  2. And, might I add, can’t wait to hear from Karen Lewis on “Hitting Left.”
    A REAL union leader & public education fighter.

  3. SOS
    Be a Government “watch dog”. The role of “watch dog” at local, state, national, and international levels is important. I am a “watch dog”.

    Last night (Feb. 13, 2017) I addressed (attached) the Morris Illinois High School Board of Education to state why I will not “run” for a seat on the Dist. 101School Board (election April 4, 2017).

    Local control of public schools has a “storied” history. It is critical that members of boards of education, either appointed or elected, provide equal educational opportunities for all students.

    Let us all be watchful.

    Yours in education,

    Dr, Charles W. Birch, public school teacher


    DATE: FEB. 13, 2017

    For the past eight and half years, I have had the joy to be involved with District 101, as sub teacher and supporter of activities offered to the students.

    Now in my 51st year of public school teaching, I remain a strong advocate for public schools. I have witnessed the students of MCHS engage in their school as they learn, and have fun doing so. Over these eight years, the Boards of Education, the administration, teachers, and support staff have all worked and continue to provide the very best for all students.

    While everybody is a “teacher” and a “learner”, I started, in 1964, as a public school teacher. It is my intention to continue in that role until teaching becomes dreaded “work”. Then I will . . .

    Because of my love of teaching in public schools, I never became an administrator. While I considered seeking a position on the Dist. 101 Board of Education, I know that I will be more effective as citizen rather than as a board member.

    I applaud this Board and commend candidates seeking election to the board. Decisions by boards of education are critical in a school’s success.
    As a citizen, I am deeply concerned about movement’s at local, state, and national levels that seek to reduce the role of public schools.

    I will continue to do what I can to promote and support public schools. To this board and the new board members I pledge my support in your efforts. Likewise, the students, the administration, teachers, and support staff will have my support.

    Yours in Education,

    Dr. Charles W. Birch, public school teacher

  4. Yes, Randi shows us why the AFT is toothless. I wonder who Randi’s hoping to cozy up to in the #45 administration – she certainly did us no favors when the Obama/Duncan/King juggernaut targeted public schools for charterization.

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