Iowa tells public school teachers and public employees to go some place else.

While national attention is focused on the melt down in D.C., Iowa Republicans voted to take away collective bargaining rights from public school teachers and many other public employees, dealing what could be a fatal blow, not only to teacher unions in Iowa, but to Iowa’s public schools as well.

Throughout Thursday, the audience watching lawmakers debate erupted in opposition, with union members standing up with their fists up.

Democrats banded together and stood against the sweeping changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining laws. Republican leaders, in a rare procedural move, limited debate time, forcing both chambers to vote on the bill.

Before the final vote, they pressed the Republican majority as hard as possible to not move forward.

“The majority in this chamber owns this horrible bill, and may God forgive you because the working men and women of Iowa will not,” Rep. Tim Kacena, D – Sioux City, said.

But it happened — with a 53-47 vote in the Iowa House and a 29-21 vote in the Senate. It’s expected to get signed into law by Governor Terry Branstad.

Iowa’s law would remove everything from mandatory subjects of bargaining other than wages. It severely restricts even salary issues to the bargaining of base wages.

Teachers could no longer bargain health insurance costs, evaluation procedures and seniority-related benefits. Other changes are proposed to the arbitration and certification process for unions.

“The only thing that we will be able to is bargain over is wages. Nothing else.” said Danny Homan, president of Council 61 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents 40,000 Iowa public employees. “Wages are not the most important thing that we want to bargain over. It is health insurance, layoffs, transfers … It’s all those other elements in the contract.”

The bill was only introduced a few days ago.

State public employee unions promise to make a court challenge.

Meanwhile teachers should be looking for a job elsewhere. Iowa doesn’t want you.

8 Replies to “Iowa tells public school teachers and public employees to go some place else.”

  1. It is very difficult to understand the ‘republican’ onslaught against working people, especially those who are public service employees’! can they possibly imagine undermining working people will have no negative ramifications for ALL Americans. What a sad state of affairs we are in.

    1. I am so frustrated about the way teaching has evolved from the time of my rookie year to the present post-retirement era. Anytime I meet a young person who tells me that they are considering being a teacher in a type of way where they’re seeking my opinion, I usually suggest that they take a real good look at the present day situation in education. I encourage them to talk to people who have been teaching for a while. Sorry to say, but I try to steer them to other options. I know we need good teachers, but if we don’t have a system that allows the young people to teach, why throw them into the mess?

  2. First they came for the Doves.The first target of the right wing take overs in Michigan,Ohio,Wisconsin and Iowa was the mourning dove. Home of these states had allowed hunting of these birds of peace and the first target was to make them a target for their white trash base. We know what happened to workers. If you want the details of the collective bargaining attack you can watch Iowa Press at IPTV It will raise your blood pressure. Branstad was It Gov when Robert Ray signed collective bargaining 24 years ago.

  3. I agree. This onslaught-style thinking is akin to giving your neighbor a car, but first taking out the engine, the brakes, and a few other essential parts, with the expectation that the neighbor will pick up your children from soccer practice and drive them home in it ( and later complaining when they are unable to do so!!).

  4. I don’t understand why people continue to vote for Republicans. How bad will things have to get before people realize what is happening? My fear now is that anything unpleasant that Republicans do will be labeled ‘fake’ news, and will not be believed by the loyal Trumpets.

    Red Indiana has a similar law. Teachers are not allowed to strike nor bargain for better working conditions. They can bargain only for better wages. I’m sure this helps moral and is making America Great Again.

  5. I can point out the few positives from fight back. Unions won CB back in an Ohio referenda. Doves and Wolves won their lives back in Michigan. The legislature then went against voters on wolves(We need to call Durbin and Duckworth to demand wolves keep their federal protection…) and of course we won here in the ILSC.

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