Hitting Left Episode #3 with the Klonsky brothers and in-studio guest Bill Ayers.

We are a little late posting the MixCloud of yesterday’s live broadcast of Hitting Left with the Klonsky brothers.

It is nobody’s fault other than we broadcast and are hosted by the kind folks at Lumpenradio who also run a community art space at Co-Prosperity Sphere.  They had an opening last night that went to midnight.

These are hardworking folks who juggle more jobs to make good things happen then you can possibly imagine.

This is not an interview show.

Hitting Left is all about conversation.

Our old friend Bill Ayers joined us this week talking about resistance.

And anti-resistance.

We are still novices at this radio thing, so there are tons of missed cues, tangents and lost trains of thought.

We think it is what makes the show real. But we need to get better.

Feedback helps us do that.

Next week lawyer, education activist and musician, Matt Farmer, joins us in studio.

The week after that CTU President Karen Lewis will be out guest.

And thanks again to Co-Prosperity Sphere and Lumpenradio.com


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