Gentrifying Chicago. CPS now targets Hispanic schools.


Logan Square’s Darwin Elementary School hit hard by CPS budget cuts that are targeting Hispanic schools.

The numbers tell the story.

A quarter of a million African Americans have left the city over the past two decades.

Several years ago the Mayor’s hand-picked school board closed 50 neighborhood public schools, nearly all in African American communities.

Now the target is neighborhood public schools in the Hispanic communities of Chicago.

CPS CEO Forrest Claypool blames the governor.

But that is like Al Capone blaming Bugsy Moran for the increase in crime.

“Governor Rauner’s cut forced agonizing choices, including whether to lay off teachers or allow an uneven distribution of cuts from unspent funds,” district spokeswoman Emily Bittner said. “We chose to protect teachers. As a result of Governor Rauner’s abrupt and admittedly ‘emotional’ veto, his cut hurts the students who need funding the most but they are less painful than the other options we have available.”

Claypool told principals earlier this week that those options are to lay off teachers or cut days from the end of the school year — or both, Prussing Elementary School’s principal told his local school council members.

Bittner referred to Rauner’s veto of a bill in December that would have allocated $215 million for teacher pensions that CPS was counting on. The governor said lawmakers didn’t meet the agreed-upon conditions for the money. His office has said that CPS’ longstanding financial woes have led to its budget crisis.

The Sun-Times education reporter Lauren FitzPatrick writes:

Darwin Elementary School in the Logan Square community, where 81 percent of students are poor and 86 percent Hispanic, is losing aides who provide extra reading and math help, and some who supervise recess, Local School Council member Jeff Young said.

“It’s a cut — despite the fact that CPS calls it a freeze — because we can’t spend that money,” he said, characterizing the racial dynamic of the freezes as “disgusting.”

Darwin is my neighborhood school. Jeff is a neighbor.

But this isn’t just about Darwin or just about Logan Square.

Logan Square is a target for gentrification. But so is the entire city of Chicago.

And school funding and budget cuts reflect the Mayor’s gentrification and privatization plans.

Schools with at least 51 percent Hispanic students saw 1.8 percent of their total budgets frozen, on average — that’s about twice the average rate of 0.9 percent frozen at schools with at least 51 percent of white students, according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of the freezes.

The schools that lost the highest percentage of their remaining spending power — 1.8 percent on average — also serve the very poorest children, where nine out of 10 students qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch that is shorthand for school poverty. And schools where three out of four kids are poor lost 1.7 percent of their money; that’s roughly double the percentage 0.8 percent — that was lost by schools where just one of four kids is poor.

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