Rauner: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Instead lecture him that he should be eating steak.


The budget finger pointing continues after last week’s threat by CPS CEO Forrest Claypool to close Chicago public schools two weeks early for lack of money.

Illinois school board Superintendent Tony Smith appeared on Chicago Tonight to talk about funding and a new funding formula.

The Senate will be deciding weather to increase the income tax from 3.75 percent to 4.99 percent and establishing a local property tax freeze. The property tax freeze is a biggie for Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. He has demanded it as part of a budget deal during a two-year stalemate over an annual spending plan.

The special education amendment now being negotiated would eliminate special education personnel reimbursement.

Bev Johns wants us to contact our state senators and she says an easy way to do that is text 520 2223. The text must state only your zip code.

Yesterday, for the second time, Cullerton failed to get the votes to cut pension benefits. He got two more votes than last time. Cullerton may try again this week. The names of those who voted yes were not posted on il.gov, but we got a picture of the vote board. Keep up the pressure for a no vote.

Governor Rauner, like Trump, has no interest in proper funding of Illinois’ public schools.

Reacting to proposals to change the funding formula, the Governor said, “We have got to drive real quality. We can’t just spend more money and hope for the best. We’ve got to have an understandable, rigorous high bar of excellence for our schools, for our students. Our students deserve nothing less than that.”

Sure. Closing schools two weeks early should be great for quality.

You know the old saying. Give a man a fish and you only feed him for a day.

Instead, lecture him on the poor quality of his fish and suggest he order the steak.

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