Yes! We wore Ty Fahner down.


It was announced today that Ty Fahner, former Illinois AG, is stepping down as President of the Civic Committee.

We pension warriors can take some credit for that.

Fahner said he’s leaving the job with regrets after years of battling for pension theft.

“It wears you down,” he is quoted in Crain’s in explaining his reasons for quitting the Civic Committee position.

We do wear them down, don’t we?

In 2011 the true nature of who was behind the attempt to steal public employee pensions was revealed when a letter withdrawing an early attempt at passing a pension reform bill was signed by the House leaders and Ty Fahner.

To have a letter involving a legislative action signed by a private citizen was unprecedented.

In 2012 Fahner went on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight and let the cat out of the bag to host Phil Ponce.

“This (pension problem) was not created by the people entitled to the benefits,”  said Ty Fahner of the Civic Committee last night on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight.

“You told one of our producers that if this had happened in the private sector…well, you finish your thought,” said host, Phil Ponce.

“Well, if this happened in the private sector…if someone didn’t pay in the money…there would be prosecutions going,” replied Fahner, former Attorney General of Illinois.

Since we wore out the old lawyer they now have to bring in a new one.

The new head of the Civic Committee, charged with continuing the attempt at pension theft, is former Obama lawyer Kelly Walsh.

He worked for Obama’s Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker.

Pritzker was also a Rahm Emanuel choice for the unelected Chicago school board before going to D.C.

Welsh, who said he will not practice law while at the committee, is one of Chicago’s best-known lawyers.

The Harvard Law School grad got his start as a top aide to Mayor Richard M. Daley, serving as the city’s corporation counsel and as chairman of the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority, better known as McPier. He was later the top lawyer at Northern Trust and Ameritech.

The Commercial Club’s influence has waxed and waned through the years, but it traditionally has represented the city’s biggest and most powerful corporations.

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