This is what democracy looks like in Springfield. Pension theft and the Grand Bargain in shatters.

This is former State Representative Mike Bost. Now a congressman.

In May of 2012 he was engaging in the kind of debate that characterizes democracy in Springfield.

In spite of Bost complaining about the despotic rule of Speaker Madigan, and Madigan is not all that despotic or we would have had a budget last session when Democrats allegedly had a veto proof majority, Bost is not that big on democracy.

For example, he won’t meet with constituents, comparing the practice of home-district constituent meeings to the Cultural Revolution in China.

“The amount of time that I have at home is minimal, I need to make sure that it’s productive,” Bost said Friday. “You know the cleansing that the Orientals used to do where you’d put one person out in front and 900 people yell at them? That’s not what we need. We need to have meetings with people that are productive.”

Orientals? How far down state does this guy live?

Meanwhile there is no state budget.

The Cullerton, Radogno, Rauner Grand Bargain is in ruins.

The right flank of the GOP is not on board.

Dan Proft (the guy who went after sports reporter Mark Giangreco for tweeting that Trump was a cartoon lunatic) and the Illinois Policy Institute hated the bargain because it raised taxes to pay for what the state owes.

Like school funding.

Like its pension obligations.

Although abandoning the state’s pension obligations was included in the part of the bargain grande. So go figure.

As was abandoning special education funding.

No wonder State Representative Bost is hiding from constituents.

You can listen to Hitting Left with the Klonsky brothers on podcast.

11 Replies to “This is what democracy looks like in Springfield. Pension theft and the Grand Bargain in shatters.”

  1. Fred,
    Mike Bost is now the U.S. Rep. for the 12th Congressional District. This is located in the southwestern part of southern IL. He is complaining about his constituents wanting him to have open town hall meetings. He is getting nailed by the local media. “Rep. Bost, let the people of the district have their say – good or bad”. Opinion of The Southern Illinoisan newspaper on 3-1-17.

  2. I was part of a group that included multiple unions’ members and people from Indivisible that wanted to meet with Rep. Bost. SOAR (retired steel workers) and I (legislative chair of my local chapter of IRTA) tried to meet with Rep. Bost before the “rally” at his office in Belleville, Il, on Tuesday, February 21 ( He hid in his office and would not meet with us! We pay his salary!

  3. Also a certain Springfield blog linked to Zero Hedge with out posting it is a racist Russian site though one I monitor in part because of their fascination with Ken Griffen …….It was a link about the pension thieves at Caterpillar getting their due today like Cullerton ……Yesterday one of Ken former employees jumped to his death in NYC…must have been celebrating the Trump rally

  4. I was there with Bev Johns, our one-woman special ed superhero who has been in S’field so many times to (always) advocate successfully, so had the happy opportunity to witness this performance in person.
    He deserves a similar rant (paper flinging, included) from his constituents.
    Have at it, people of the 12th CD!
    Must also take this opportunity to thank OUR 9th CD Rep., Jan Schakowsky, who held not one, but TWO Town Halls, even before the last recess. (And the second was held to accommodate those who could not get in to the first, which held 400, but was filled to capacity.)
    Also, kudos to Sen. Dan Biss & Reps. Robyn Gabel & Laura Fine for also holding meetings (they were at Jan’s first meeting, &, since, have held at least one of their own).

    Imagine–elected officials doing their jobs/serving the people.

  5. Their recently fired CEO Ohlberman …not to be confused with Keith was at Monmouth College’s few years ago pontificating on how horribly run the state was …how greedy pensioners were and how great trade was I think he mentioned China and right after local company Western Stoneware had to lay off lots of people the to predatory Chinese trade. Pride came before the fall. CAT would find itself ripped off by the Chinese bigly… would overpay for acquisitions….and from the search warrant in the Peoria Journal Star today the were doing something very wrong on taxes and they are looking at exports as well. It was a huge raid . I can’t ever recall anything like this on a major corporation. The only thing I can think of is Drexel back in the eighties. I wonder if they were faking exports…

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