8 Replies to “Middlebury.”

  1. I’m an alumna of Middlebury and want to say that Charles “Mr. Bell Curve” Murray, a purveyor of white supremacy is an appalling excuse for a human being. However, I would love to have heard his responses to bright Middlebury students presenting him with real facts to his “alternative facts.” At Middlebury, students are more than capable of understanding how to defend liberty, stand for justice and put hatred to shame mano-a-mano. That’s a confrontation I would have enjoyed seeing. Murray couldn’t have walked away unscathed from an airing of his wrong-headed pseudo-scholarship and a pointed discussion of the facts arrayed against him. If he had just wholesale disputed his interrogators, he would look like even more of a racist apologist fool than he already is.

    1. As another alum, I am appalled at the treatment that creep Murray received. Students managed to make that pathetic excuse for a man sympathetic. They should listen and then rip him a new one with reason, logic and idealistic passion. But no….

      1. Paul, as an alum does it concern you that the African American and Black (foreign) enrollment at Middlebury is less than 3%. Was it more or less when you went there. We now know what you think today’s Middlebury students should have done about racism. What did you do?

  2. Of course it concerns me, as it did then. I was a “poor kid” among the affluent back then. Midd never does enough to diversify their student body. They care as much or more about international diversity.
    I think you are conflating a general concern about diversity and minority support with what is a free speech issue. Both concerns should be dealt with.

    1. I don’t agree with you Phil. I don’t think I am conflating anything. A white racist is invited to speak at a school with few Black students and the white students protest the invitation, nearly all of the protest is done by nearly all the students peacefully. Their actions were righteous. For any college or university to have so few Black students is evidence enough that they have made zero effort to recruit and make their school a diverse one. Then to turn around and invite Murray to speak in that context? Inexcusable. Good for the students to see through the hypocrisy of it.

  3. Protesting is fine. Preventing speech is not protesting it. You’re right; we’re not going to agree on this. I think the students made Murray sympathetic, just like that idiot at Berkeley became sympathetic. Briefly; and he was exposed because he kept talking.
    Murray and his ilk should be exposed, not prevented from talking. I certainly don’t fear his “ideas”. Best wishes!

  4. When I first went to Middlebury in the 60s, there were about ten black students there. And this at the school attended by the first African American to graduate from an American university (in 1823) and by an African American woman who was valedictorian in 1899. The number of black students didn’t climb much higher until the 70s. To its credit, Middlebury was one of the first schools to be involved in the Posse program, but that doesn’t excuse the low percentage of black students currently attending. Even if the school were 100% white, however, I would still feel the same way about letting the students have the opportunity to argue down a racist using logic, facts and the burning flame of justice. Particularly at a school loaded with the perquisites of white supremacy, practicing how to defeat a racist scumbag by using the intellectual and moral tools the students are honing can only benefit us all in the broader world beyond Middlebury’s ivy-covered walls. If we aren’t educating our young people, particularly those used to white privilege, to fight the power and to stand up for justice, I think we’ve doomed another generation to fail to deal with the original sin of our nation: racism.

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