The state may pass legislation to reduce or eliminate its subsidy for our Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP).


-Dave Davison, President, Illinois Retired Teachers Association

It is March and many 2017 Activities of the IRTA and our Local Units are already underway. Our State Office is closely monitoring the activities over at the capital where the State Legislature is in session. Some local units have already met, and two IRTA State Committees have met-the rest soon will. Also two IRTA informational meetings were held on February 27 & 28, in Arizona; and the committee making plans for the October 30 & 31 Biennial IRTA Convention in Springfield has met twice.

A major issue being monitored closely by our IRTA State Office is the speculation the state may pass legislation to reduce or eliminate its subsidy for our Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP). You would have to expect the Governor to sign the legislation if it is passed, based on his having zeroed out the line item that provides the subsidy in his last two budgets. We are obtaining a legal opinion concerning this issue from the same law firm we worked with in getting the Illinois State Supreme Court to declare SB 1 unconstitutional.

Of course, I strongly support all the different efforts of our State Office and the efforts of our many IRTA member volunteers.  Thank you to the hundreds of IRTA Retirees who are volunteering their time and expertise to help retired Illinois educators in a variety of different ways. The IRTA website address is

13 Replies to “The state may pass legislation to reduce or eliminate its subsidy for our Teachers Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP).”

  1. Fred, here is one flag to notice….Irta is meeting where????? ARIZONA!!!!!
    Once again, the union is doing it’s thing….spending our money foolishly!!!!

    1. This is so utterly stupid. The IRTA isn’t a union and it isn’t meeting in Arizona. It doesn’t even rise to the level of fake news. It is just stupid.

  2. The desire for us to die miserably and soon is evident in the wealthiest country in the world. Illinois is not broke as long as the corporate wealthy often pay little or no taxes. Many corporations in Illinois pay less than zero taxes by receiving incentives and other money from our tax funds. The Civic Committee of the Chicago Commercial Club is gleeful in anticipation of having its connected members make even more money as we are stressed out with the threat of unaffordable and inferior healthcare – or even no healthcare – after years of playing by the rules.
    As I re-read “Retirement Heist” by Ellen Schutz I cannot help but understand how much a few people can profit from our suffering and death.
    I refuse to be a willing victim.
    We will continue to fight the corruption called government.

  3. Have the local IRTA members seen the past witness slips signed by unions giving the ok to skip payments and sweeps? Retirees were under the bus years ago….. Why have others kept silent about the 500 in IL.. except Fred & Glenn?

  4. Some of the savings from trumpcare are from social security……because more people will die before collecting. In other words what Ken just said. Is the state paying in now with no budget?

  5. I, in particular enjoyed the Trumpcare talking point “……25 million people will lose their healthcare IN THE NEXT DECADE.” It sounds so much better than ……”14 million people will lose their healthcare NEXT YEAR and another 10 million in the nine years that follow.” Selective propaganda.

  6. We are under the state and university plan. That one is protected by the Constitution when the state tried to cut it the IL SC rules 6 to 1 in the Kanerva decision . 20 year university employees get premium free health care. Rauner tried to go after in the imposed AFSCME contract which is now under injunction probably until Rauner is gone. I rather doubt that anything will now pass but Fred could you explain how TRIP works ? Maybe Kanerva applies.

  7. I believe Kanerva applies and any cuts to TRIP will be challenged successfully in court. On a personal note, we have been using TRIP and now TRAIL – state retired teacher health insurance – and are totally satisfied. After a year on TRIP to qualify for TRAIL, our insurance premium costs have been reduced significantly. Personally, I do not agree with those who advocate to others using a private insurance over TRAIL Retirees should investigate and make choices that are best for them.

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