Monsanto’s fake science.


-By John Dillon

Fake News is one thing; but “fake scientific research” is quite another.

The first we can heatedly argue; the latter will put an end to us.

Enter stage right, Monsanto.

It appears that Monsanto Corporation, a company that has cornered the world market in providing herbicides, insecticides, and questionable genetic modifications, has worked for decades to produce falsified “research papers” that were ghost written by executives and officials and then handed over to legitimate scientists for editing?

Why?  In order later to affix their names on the documents as supportive of false findings; when in fact, they were only asked to edit a section or paragraph here and there for clarification, appropriate attributions, sentence construction, etc.

Despite all the “evidence” produced over the years by Monsanto, the state of California has decided to list glyphosate – the chief active ingredient in Roundup herbicide –  as a likely carcinogen.  This follows the same designation given by the World Health organization in March of 2015.

One trillion, four hundred million tons of Roundup are used on crops and lawns across the world annually; the United States consumes nearly 20% of the herbicide: 280 million pounds per year.

As the CEO Hugh Grant notes in his company’s letter to shareholders this last year, “From the Earth’s deepest roots to its highest satellites, we are more connected than ever to our planet and the food it produces. At Monsanto, we believe these connections hold the key to unlocking positive potential for growers and consumers.”

And a positive potential for profits as well.  The company’s revenues exceed $15 billion annually.

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3 Replies to “Monsanto’s fake science.”

  1. I have been watching “MONSATAN” for years. They are merciless. They own and control the majority of Congress. It’s no longer in effect, but Obama even signed off on something during his tenure that was nicknamed the “Monsanto Protection Act”. This act allowed Monsanto to be exempt from any liability for negatives that were caused by their products. Check this out Obama did a complete turn around on his view of Monsanto once he was elected.

    Many people who claim to be progressive, kind of put GMO’s, Monsanto, and Big Pharma on the back burner, opting to focus on other issues such as pensions, transgender rights, the Mid East wars, etc. These issues are all important. But for some reason, it seems like Monsanto gets to travel under the radar.

    Lastly, I read where Monsanto bought Blackwater, the mercenary group owned by the brother of Betsy DeVos. Small world!

    1. Right, Jacek (DINOs, GOP–what’s the difference when it comes to doing dirty business w/the Devil?Beyond time for that third party–& Josh Fox, Director of Gasland, is leading the movement ) &, for those who do watch TV, has anyone noticed those insidious Monsanto “good food, good family” commercials (that must be costing {us} millions of dollars)?
      Monsanto makes me sick. Literally.

  2. The Seed Underground, by Janisse Ray.

    I recommend this book for insight into Monsanto, their impact on farmers, and their agenda.

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