2 Replies to “DeVos on choice.”

  1. SOS
    Support and funding for public schools (pre-K thru College) is the “choice” that is essential for the United States. Within the public school structure, alternative ways of educating have been, and are today, ways of meeting the educational needs of students. While teaching in H S Dist. 214, Arlington Hts., Illinois,(1967-2001) in addition to my day teaching in the “regular” day school, I taught, two nights a week, in the Young Adult Education Program (YAEP) – 1968-1972. It was a joy to see students, ages 17 to 30 plus, work to receive a District 214 high school diploma.

    After retiring from Dist. 214 in 2001, I lived in Galena, Illinois, I subbed very often in Dubuque, Iowa ( in fact enough to be on an Iowa pension). My fondest memories were the many times I subbed at the Dubuque Alternative School. So many valuable activities were completed by the Alt students. I daily check the Dubuque paper and found this to validate the importance of alternative public school education (see attached). The Alex Schmidts and Brandon Wards of our public schools do great things!
    Everyone, lend your support for our public schools.
    Yours in education,
    Dr. Charles W. Birch

    VIDEO: ALC documentary
    Alex Schmidt and Brandon Ward, two high school seniors who are part of the Dubuque Community School District’s Alternative Learning Center program, discuss a documentary project they have been working

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