Keeping retirement weird. Schadenfreude.

God works in mysterious ways, I hear.

In spite of right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson’s declaring that he thought God was Speaker of the House, it turned out it was Paul Ryan.

I posted the word Schadenfruede on Facebook last week as it became clear the the Trumpists were on the verge of crashing and burning over repeal and replace.

It is a German word meaning deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others.

Reading that, some friends thought I was referring to the way Republicans in Congress and holding office elsewhere seem to get pleasure from the pain and suffering of working class and poor folks.

I was referring to the pleasure I was feeling watching TrumpRyan fumble, flail and fail.

There is another German word I know and like. Gemütlichkeit means having good cheer.

I’m feeling that at the moment too.

Health care in America is another one of those choice things.

The rich and wealthy get to choose. And so do we. They get the right to choose the kind of health care they can afford. So do we.

As a retired public school teacher my health care costs are manageable but in spite of what some think, my retiree insurance is hardly free.

I pay out of pocket for Medicare. I pay a monthly premium for the state teachers health insurance. I would not be affected by ACA one way or the other. But there is always the threat that I can lose what I have if the legislature acts.

There has been some talk from the Illinois legislature to take away the partial subsidy provided by the state to our health care costs.

As part of our teacher pension benefit, I believe the subsidy is protected by the pension protection clause of the state constitution. If the governor and the legislature try to take the subsidy away, I suppose the courts will have to remind them of Kanerva v. Weems.

As with the threats prior to the decision of the Illinois courts that current retiree pensions are protected, the threat to health care subsidies is particularly stressful on our older retirees.

Do the legislature and the Governor feel  a certain amount of schadenfreude over this? They must.

I am with those who continue to wonder why the United States is among the very few wealthy, industrialized countries without a national health care system that is affordable, not tied to employment or run by the giant insurance companies.

Saving ACA is a win.

It is surely a loss for the Trumpists.

But a national single payer system of health care would bring us all Gemütlichkeit.


8 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Schadenfreude.”

  1. I don’t believe we’ll ever see universal health insurance in this country. In addition to ‘corporate profits and greed’ we are facing the unwillingness of a large part of the population to ‘participate’ in such a system. It astounds me every time that too many people here are not willing to contribute even one lousy dime to a national health care program.
    And as to the state teachers health insurance (I’m assuming that in your case you meant the TRAIL ‘Advantage’ plans), I’m convinced Rauner will ‘scratch & claw’ to have this subsidy taken away, in spite of court rulings. I decided to not enroll in any of the ‘Advantage’ plans but choose a Medigap policy instead. Sure, it’s more costly, but I don’t have to worry about the state subsidized plan ending suddenly.

  2. another great German word is “backpfeifengesicht.” it roughly translates to “a face in desperate need of a fist.”
    would apply to a great many Republicans.

    1. This is too good, mellowjohn! Thanks for the word (which surely will be useful to us all) & the laugh.
      Also applies to DINOs, as well. (Aside from those we have in ILL-Annoy–& we DO, indeed, have them, WVA Sen. Joe Manchin comes quickly to mind–he, who was the lone Dem to confirm house thief Steven {kick that old lady out of her home so I can make a BIG profit, in addition to my stash of millions made on bad mortgages w/o fear of prosecution!} Mnuchin.)
      Backpfeifengesicht, indeed!

  3. Rainer was spooing out carp again Friday. By that, I mean out right lies. He spends more time running from his own ideas and blaming other. By that I mean the dems. Wish the national insanity would go away so we could deal with our own right in in Illinois. I voted early in my local elections and saw a lot running as independents. Guess they are all trying to distance the selves from the insane establishment.

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