Rainy Sunday.

Julia, a child with autism, joins the cast of Sesame Street.

Sen. Bernie Sanders cast the GOP as “out of touch” with the public on health care Friday, citing opposition to the Obamacare repeal and replace efforts at a series of contentious town halls as a driving factor behind Republicans’ inability to push through the American Health Care Act.

“I think one of the reasons this legislation went down today is that all over this country we had hundreds of thousands of people coming out to rallies,” the Vermont senator told CNN’s Anderson Cooper several hours after a canceled vote on the Republican health care bill.

“People began the process of fighting back. We have got to continue that,” he added. Politico





Republicans in Congress were très busy this week trying to make a health care bill comprised of as little actual health care as possible. A Quinnipiac poll found that 13 percent of women support the bill, no doubt persuaded by the room full of entirely white, male legislators working on it. While they were occupied making a deal with the White House to axe maternity care from the list of essential health benefits all insurers must cover, state legislators had their hands full with other bills restricting women’s health care. Slate



At least four undocumented women in Colorado have declined to pursue domestic violence cases against their alleged abusers for fear of being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to a report from NPR.

“We had pending cases that we were prosecuting on their behalf and since January 25, the date of the president’s executive order [on immigration], those four women have let our office know they were not willing to proceed with the case for fear that they would be spotted in the courthouse and deported,” said Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson.

Bronson traces their refusal back to the February detention of an undocumented trans woman at a Texas courthouse, where she was seeking a protective order against an allegedly abusive ex-partner. “[W]e have grave concerns here that they distrust the court system now and that we’re not going to have continued cooperation of victims and witnesses,” Bronson said. Fusion



This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers features Diane Ravitch and poet Kevin Coval. Next Friday at 11AM on Lumpenradio.com we will be have conversations with young folks from Logan Square’s Neighborhood Association who have been organizing around gentrification, exploring their indigenous identity and went to Standing Rock. Also joining us will be Katy Hogan and Mike James of Live from the Heartland.

7 Replies to “Rainy Sunday.”

  1. This just shows how blatantly stupid many Americans are. They, with the help of Fox, don’t realize they are loosing benefits. Or the ‘vote Republican’ has been engrained in their families and they vote with no knowledge of what they are voting for.
    A Handful of Trump Voters Are Coming to the Painful Realization That They’ve Been Had @alternet
    The vast majority are still buckled in on the Trump train. Some are looking for the emergency brakes.
    By Jacob Sugarman / AlterNet
    March 24, 2017
    …After attempting to strip 14 million people of their insurance next year and hollow out the very social health care program he pledged to preserve, stocking his cabinet with former Goldman Sachs employees and proposing a budget that would slash funding for transportation and education, he still enjoys an 81 percent approval rating with his party, according to Quinnipiac. A recent Mood of the Nation poll found as few as 3 percent of Trump voters would recast their ballot if given the chance.

    While the regretful Trump voter is mostly a myth, a small and increasingly vocal minority are proving exceptions to the rule.
    Here are a handful that have emerged in the two months since Trump assumed office:
    1) Helen Beristain of Granger, Indiana…


  2. I have this vision of a scene from the old TV show MASH when the troops are sick and tired of eating liver and fish for 21 straight days, Hawkeye goes nuts in the mes tent and end sup haveing the whole MASH unit chanting in unison “WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE” over and over.
    Well we do want something else, these idiot pols can’t figure out what really matters and give it to us.

    1. Adding to that, Anon., the clip from Meatballs recently replayed at The Mark Twain Humor Award (again, PBS) for Bill Murray–chanting, “We don’t really care!” (or something similar to that–oy, my sr. moments!) the day before their camp was challenged by the “superior” camp (i.e., moneyed, Aryian).
      Of course, that energy & the adrenaline it created was put into the winning of the trophy (which, if memory serves–again–was thrown into the lake).
      Long-winded way of saying, words into actions, as my dear mom (o.b.m.) was always reminding us, “Actions speak louder than words.”
      So true, & especially these days.

  3. And Julia is probably one of the reasons the Trump administration would take funding away from PBS: depiction of a diverse “street.”
    Bad, not good, terrible (from his vast vocabulary) for children to identify with & learn to accept everyone!
    Who can forget his mockery of the reporter?

    1. Copy that, Jacek. All of us working on the Sanders campaign knew about the DNC shenanigans well before the WikiLeaks.
      And–speaking of copy–it doesn’t escape notice that not only Trump (& a big part of how he won–by stealing Bernie’s message to the people–which, of course, was all an act–i.e., his criticism of Goldman Sachs,* etc.) but other politicians are copying Bernie’s message–which he continued to stay on, unlike every other legislator & candidate. Please go to the Our Revolution website to find their endorsed candidates, & donate all you can. Also, back Warren, Tammy Baldwin (WI) & others running in 2018.
      Make no mistake–the Kochs, ALEC & their $$$$$$ are doubling down to beat the progressives, especially those who don’t stay under the radar & persist.

      *Speaking of Goldman Sachs, if you have any friends, relatives, former colleagues or neighbors who live in WVA, tell them to start looking for a progressive Dem to primary that DINO Sen. Joe Manchin. Among the other terrible votes he’s taken, he was the only Dem who voted to confirm criminal Stephen Mnuchin–you know, the guy who stole people’s homes (most notably, an elderly woman who was in a tv ad) to make himself even MORE Big Bucks. (Mnuchin was already wealthy, through inheritance.)

  4. Sorry–meant to add Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota DINO, not lifting one finger to support those at Standing Rock people. (Isn’t she suppoting the Bakken pipeline?)

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