Cook County State’s Attorney Foxx: “Put our bodies in front” if ICE agents try to seize immigrants.

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The Girl Talk’s Joanna Klonsky, Erika Wozniak, Kim Foxx and Jen Sabella.

Jen Sabella and Erika Wozniak always put on a good show at the The Hideout.

The Girl Talk can be seen and heard the last Tuesday of the month at the north side bar and performance space.

Anne and I bought Jen and Erika a round of beers before the show and they promised to appear on Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

Last night’s hour was spent with new Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Kim literally came out of no where to beat the incumbent, Anita Alvarez.

As Kim said, nobody runs against an incumbent State’s Attorney. Nobody beats an incumbent State’s Attorney.

But this is Chicago where stranger things have happened. In fact this happened back when State’s Attorney Ed Hanrahan was tossed out after the murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton.

Anita Alvarez got tossed out for her role in the cover-up of the shooting of Laquan McDonald.

But Foxx is impressive in her own right.

An African American women, she grew up in Chicago’s projects. She says that when people say that she made it out she takes that to mean there is an expectation that African American young people in Chicago will fail.

She told the story of a student at Lincoln Park High School where she went to school who was shot and killed on North Avenue. “A great dancer. Like Michael Jackson,” Foxx recalled. She said the trauma of the boy’s killing has lasted all these years.

“Imagine that happening to students once a month.”

The headline news last night was Foxx’s concern with the Trump administrations anti-immigrant moves and the the particular impact it has on her cases involving sexual abuse.

“I’m an advocate of people who have been wounded,” she added. “And in this climate we have people who have been victimized who are afraid to come to court because they are afraid they are going to get deported. We have people who are preying on immigrant communities, preying on their anxieties, preying on their fears…”

And asked by an audience member what the public could do to help immigrants, she said, “Maybe it’s continuing to resist, continuing to speak truth to power, escorting people to courthouses, escorting people to counseling centers, escorting people, being an advocate, putting your body in front of theirs when you know that they are coming for them is what I would suggest.”

“I think the atmosphere that’s been created by the federal government that has alienated the people in this country, in this county … we have to continue to be outraged. [Immigrants living in the country without legal permission] have to see the best that is in us and that their pain is our pain, otherwise we all lose.”

One Reply to “Cook County State’s Attorney Foxx: “Put our bodies in front” if ICE agents try to seize immigrants.”

  1. Can someone please tell me Miss Foxx s dad s name ??? Also where did he live?? I have a hunch i might of known him and were friends back in the day???? Could of been her dad or grampa????? Just thought i asked???

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