Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers #9.

hitting left

Liliana Diaz and Aide Hernandez. Mike James and Katy Hogan.

Download the podcast. Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers #9.

First, a word about Logan Bay who has produced our show for the last eight episodes. Logan had a serious accident this week and will not be producing our show for a while. We wish him all the best.

Logan patiently worked with us to get us going on Hitting Left. No easy trick working with these old dogs.

Jamie Trecker will be producing for us until Logan gets back. We hope that is soon.

Lilian Diaz and Aide Hernandez joined us to share the experiences of a group of Logan Square young people who are exploring their indigenous roots and as Latinas, their connections to Native people.

Their journey took them to Standing Rock during the occupation to stop #DAPL.

Then we are joined by Katy Hogan and Mike James.

We have been friends with Katy and Mike since forever and getting together with them always makes me laugh as happens when you are with old friends.

Katy and Mike host the radio show, Live from the Heartland.

Mike takes a political poke at me for my refusal to support Pat Quinn in the last election.

That’s okay. We are all against Bruce Rauner and are looking for the best candidate to defeat him.

And then hold him (no women have declared so far) accountable.

During the show a lot of talk about the old days and old friends, some of whom are no longer with us.

And special education activist Bev Johns shares a phone call with us about threats to sped funding.

Another great show.

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