4 Replies to “Billy can’t graduate from CPS.”

  1. Fred,
    Laugh all you want at the rahmfather but this is opening salvo at ,wait for it, teacher accountability.
    Perform or else. Chicago wants its teachers to be as erfect as LA’s where thet haven’t fired a teacher for cause in a decade. What a oerfect group they are.

    1. It is laughable because it is stupid and won’t fly. This doesn’t impact poor teaching. It impacts poor kids. As if you know the difference or care about it. BTW, don’t blame your inability to write on your teachers. It’s on you.

  2. Billy, don’t sweat the diploma. And scrap the writing idea, too. Go for the army. It’s a good career. If you play your cards right, Betsy DeVos’ brother, Erik Prince, may even offer you a job when your time is up with Uncle Sam http://iraqforsale.org

  3. A silly thought–would that Malia Obama (on “gap” year, which would now cause a CPS high school student to lose his/her diploma…gap year not being a plan) make a public statement about this nonsense.
    Yeah…like Chelsea Clinton donated the $600K she’d made for her “reporting” (I didn’t know she had majored in journalism at Stanford!)on the long defunct Brian Williams NBC “news” show to a reputable charity, like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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