5 Replies to “Brian Williams loved the sight of those missiles against the night sky.”

  1. I just read this on Quartz. Thought it was worth reading.
    It was a good show that just two days after Assad’s sarin gas attack, US president Donald Trump responded with a strike of 59 missiles at Shayrat air base in Homs province. He allowed the world to vent horror and anger at Assad. But hours later Syrian jets were taking offfrom Shayrat: Trump had made an elegant announcement of moral purpose, and a stated new policy of defending innocent women and children. But the words were rendered empty and self-serving by the bombing’s light damage—the runways, the taxiways, the parking areas are intact. Assad can go on with his war.

    What did Trump achieve? He has, for now, deflected attention from his long list of self-inflicted woes. On April 7, for the first time in weeks, not a word was heard about investigations of his campaign’s links to Russian hacking of last year’s presidential election; cable television forgot about the diet of lies Trump feeds to the nation, and his unsubstantiated allegations against perceived enemies. Talk of an unraveling of his young presidency tapered off.

    Trump will ride his newfound bipartisan support for a time. But he will have to do more to keep it. For starters, he can find out what Putin knew about Assad’s sarin gas stockpile, and of the recent attack. He will have to find a way to defuse the tension with North Korea, which fired yet another ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan on April 4. And he must stop making ad hominem, false attacks against his enemies. Trump, in short, will have to keep making a stab at statesmanship. One short show of presidential leadership will not be sufficient.—Steve LeVine

  2. Why is Brian Williams back, w/his own show, yet? Of course, it’s the Dance of the Lemons! (Gee, thought this only applied to teachers!)* Get kicked off of NBC for a very little while, then put back on MSNBC, & for no less than election coverage! And, yes, he is what you’d said, sig. His NBC show employed Chelsea Clinton as a “reporter” (little snippets of human interest) for which she made $600K. I always wondered how many recent journalism grads’ careers could have–should have–been launched doing at least one of those spots.
    Naaahh–those who’d actually earned degrees and worked hard for them do get hired…as unpaid interns. Hope Chelsea donated the money to some honest-to-G-d charity.

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