Keeping retirement weird. My work is not my family. My boss is not my dad.


Noble Charter Network CEO Michael Milkie.

“We’re disappointed that ChiACTS would resort to such tactics in an attempt to disrupt our Noble family,” said Noble Charter Network Superintendent Michael Milkie.

ChiACTS is Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff. They are the charter union affiliated with the Chicago Teachers Union.

When the current union organizing drive at Noble succeeds, it will make the Noble local the largest charter local in the country.

I always laughed when I battled administration, the board and private sector bosses when they talked about us all being one big family.

That usually meant they wanted something.

Like when my kids would say I was the best dad in the whole world.

I knew to start reaching for my wallet.

Listen. I got a family.  And I love ’em and I don’t need another.

The bosses love to create euphemisms to hide the essential relationship between labor and management.

When did the low-paid workers in retail start getting called associates?

When I got hired as a high school kid working at Wil Wrights Ice Cream on Santa Monica Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, the manager handed me an apron and said, “You’re a soda jerk now, kid.”

I kind of liked that. Even proud.

Today I would be a soda and sundae associate.  Or an ice cream engineer.

And listen. I have known some fairly abusive family relationships over the years.

Maybe that is what CEO Milkie means when he says the the union is trying to disrupt the Noble family.

The union is trying to intervene in a currently dysfunctional family.

ChiACTS has filed filed charges against Noble with the National Labor Relations Board. The union says that the charter network has conducted surveillance of employees’ union activity, and also created and enforced what the union says is “an overly broad non-solicitation policy.”

 Noble teachers say charter network officials are blocking their organizing efforts, preventing teachers from meetings after hours to discuss the value of collective bargaining and a union, which is illegal under ILRB rules.

Listen, Milkie. Cut the family crap.

You’re a boss.

The teachers work for you.

You’re not their daddy.

They’re not your kids.

One Reply to “Keeping retirement weird. My work is not my family. My boss is not my dad.”

  1. Just as you would reach for your wallet when your kids were “best dad”-dying you, those Noble teachers better HIDE their wallets. We’ll soon be hearing how “broke” Dad Milkie is (just like Chicago & ILL-Annoy).
    Also, while cleaning up the paper pile (still receive the 2 dailies–plus others–in print), I came across a recent Sun-Times article about Noble’s attempted poaching of CPS students via mailings as extended to at least one other charter school–their students, as well, had been mailed glossy advertisements, warning them of school closings, & that they should join the Noble family.
    Sounds a bit like the Five Families–always trying to invade one another’s territory.

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