The DeVos and Weingarten tour.

AD at Sharpton Gingrich Tour Phadelphia, PA

The last roadshow featured Al Sharpton, Newt Gingrich and Arne Duncan.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos issued the following statement after accepting an invitation to visit a school in Van Wert, Ohio:

“I look forward to visiting the students, parents and educators of Van Wert. Every parent should be able to send their children to a school that meets their unique needs, and for many parents, that is a public school. I support and celebrate all great schools.

“I appreciate the district and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) President Randi Weingarten extending the invitation.”

Recall an earlier visit to a Washington D.C. school where parents blocked the Trump Secretary of Education from entering their school.

Randi, relying on the Trump method of not relying on facts to justify her statements, jumped on Twitter within minutes and condemned the DeVos protesters of violence.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.23.53 AM

Randi “Just heard.” Yes. Like Trump heard on Fox that Obama tapped Trump Tower.

I was not impressed with Randi’s hearing.

I wear a hearing aid. I recommend it to Weingarten.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.25.17 AM

Back when Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan was pursuing his attack on public education and teacher unions (Oh yes. Don’t forget Duncan’s letter of support for the mass firing of teachers), Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich went on tour to support him and the program.

Public school attacks make for all kinds of touring bedfellows.

Like the Rolling Stones, these tours never end.


So, more strange bedfellows in this latest school tour: A union buster and a union president.

What does Randi hope to gain from such nonsense?

But we know what Bestsy gets:

Cover for her choice agenda from a teacher union leader.

Podcast download: Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #10.

4 thoughts on “The DeVos and Weingarten tour.

  1. SOS
    Friends with foes and laying down with the “lions”, will be a challenge in efforts to save and promote our public schools.
    Yours in education,
    Dr. Charles W. Birch, public school teacher

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