Trump’s escalation of messages threatens the world.


Trump apparently thinks he is in the message sending business. With bombs.

But so far his messages have all led to disastrous results.

His missiles into Syria were meant to be seen as sending a message to Assad or Putin or somebody, since they gave the United States no military advantage.

In the aftermath of tossing missiles into Syria, relations with Russia went from great to the worst ever, according to Rex Tillerson and Trump himself.

Quite an achievement in less than 100 days.

Apparently our relations with Russia are even worse than when we faced all out nuclear war over Cuba and Berlin.

Sean Spicer, in the wake of the missile attack on Syria, got into a mess of messaging with his Hitler discussion and who counts as our people and who are not our people.

But dropping the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan is an awful and dangerous escalation of messaging. It is hard to see how this bombing accomplishes anything when the Defense Department itself has historically rejected using the weapon. 

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

A bomb that is described as the biggest bomb short of a nuclear weapon can leave few options in this dangerous poker game that Trump is playing.

His international opponents can call or raise.

7 Replies to “Trump’s escalation of messages threatens the world.”

  1. Well said and thank you! some people are confused but progressives ought not to be. this is inexcuseable and mad violence by the US.
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  2. Contemplate this possibility. It was said by many news sources that 59 missiles were launched on the air base. 29 hit their targets. The other 30? Nobody knows where they ended up. Just assume that 29 is all that were launched. Or that the other 30 were launched and landed in the ocean. Regardless, it’s time to restore the inventory. Is anybody making money by the inventory restoration? Are any of those money recipients friends of Trump? members of Congress?

  3. Right on! Unfortunately, as someone once said, “War is good for business, and business is good for America.” No surprise with Republicans in control.

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