Charters and the Illinois Governors race.


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner takes a back seat to nobody when it comes to support for charter schools.

He even names them after himself.

The list of names of Democrats who want to take him out is growing. They all seem to me to be an undifferentiated mass.

Except for the size of their bank accounts.

I’m just a tad surprised at the number of progressives who are backing one or the other already when I haven’t heard much that separates one from the other when it comes to substance and issues.

This reminds me of the early no-strings endorsements that my teacher union made in the presidential race.

What is the rush?

Maybe the better candidate hasn’t announced yet.

Plus. Shouldn’t we be making demands. Maybe some of them have taken an outspoken position on charter schools, for example.

I follow this stuff and haven’t heard much.

Politico’s morning education reports today:

DEVOS PUTS PRO-CHARTER DEMS IN A DIFFICULT POSITION: Charter school-friendly Democrats are on the defensive as teachers unions try to tie them to the Trump administration’s “school choice” agenda. Labor-backed Democrats are seizing on the DeVos issue as an opportunity ahead of the 2018 primary elections. In the race for California governor, for instance, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom invoked DeVos’ appointment last month, telling a Hollister crowd that education would be “the wedge issue” in the 2018 campaign. It’s also been a line of attack in New York, where the Alliance for Quality Education, an advocacy group partially funded by teachers unions, likened Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s education policies to Trump’s.

“The opportunity to brand a reformer as a Trump/DeVos Republican is a real risk for a Democrat,” Mattis Goldman, a political consultant advising charter school ally Marshall Tuck in his campaign for California state superintendent of public instruction, told POLITICO California’s David Siders. “It’s important for candidates who disagree with that to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Education as a wedge issue is okay with me.

You want to get the nomination to take on Illinois’ charter-in-chief?

Where do you Democrats running for governor stand on charter schools and vouchers in Illinois and Chicago? Are you willing to take on the pro-charter school corporate reform Dems?


Not on page 25 of some policy statement that nobody reads.

I’ll post your statement here.

Or come on our radio show, Hitting Left, to talk about education, Betsy DeVos, charters and vouchers. You have an open invitation.



One Reply to “Charters and the Illinois Governors race.”

  1. Voters need to be aware of the voting records of candidates & come out to meetings to question those candidates.Everyone can look good, but what, actually, has that candidate done? I urge voters to check out voting records AND previous donations (& find out backgrounds of groups that make donations!!!) on the Illinois Government website. An excellent place to find donations made is Illinois Sunshine.
    Being an educated voter is the most important safeguard for our democracy to continue. Don’t start donating money to candidates just based on what they say, what you hear & how they look. Do us all a favor & BE INFORMED.
    And thanks, Fred, for this excellent post, reminding us of the “early no- strings endorsements that my teacher union made in the presidential race,”
    (behooves us to heed the wise words of Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing w/o demand.”) and, crucially, “Maybe the better candidate hasn’t announced yet.” Wise words.

    “We won’t be fooled again.”–The Who

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