Easter Sunday links.


Of the top 100 US newspapers, 47 ran editorials on President Donald Trump’s Syria airstrikes last week: 39 in favor, seven ambiguous and only one opposed to the military attack.

In other words, 83 percent of editorials on the Syria attack supported Trump’s bombing, 15 percent took an ambivalent position and 2 percent said the attack shouldn’t have happened. Polls showed the US public being much more split: Gallup (4/7–8/17) and ABC/Washington Post (4/7–9/17) each had 51 percent supporting the airstrikes and 40 percent opposed, while CBS (4/7–9/17) found 57 percent in favor and 36 percent opposed.

A list of the editorials with quotes showing support or opposition can be seen here. The list of the top 100 editorial boards in the country was taken from a 2016 Hill piece (10/5/16) on presidential election endorsements. FAIR



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3 Replies to “Easter Sunday links.”

  1. Good for Bobby Otter (of the Center for Tax & Budget Accountability) for his Tweet here.
    Again, are ANY legislators talking w/Bobby or Ralph or ANYONE at the C.T.B.A. about budget solutions they have proposed? ANYONE?
    Ask your legislators about this–they are home (unless they’re vacationing w/family)–the G.A. doesn’t reconvene in S’field until Monday, April 24th.
    Organize trips to their offices (group visits are best)! E-mail them! Call them!

  2. Come on Fred talk about what is happening in town!!!!! 1 killed and 41 wounded on Easter weekend!!!!!! That is a new record for the city…yet you say nothing??????

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