“No-choice” Rauner promises to veto women’s rights.


Illinois’ HB40 was introduced by state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz and will likely pass both chambers of the Illinois legislature.

Governor Rauner, in spite of running as a social moderate, says he will veto the bill.

Being anti-choice on abortion rights for women is what passes for moderation in a Republican Party that is into vaginal probes and death sentences for women who seek an abortion.

Google it if you don’t believe me.

Pro-choice advocates are justifiably concerned that Trump may get enough votes on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

If that happens and abortion rights laws become states rights, Illinois will be a no-choice state. Anti-choice laws are still on the books in Illinois and only Roe has kept them from being enforced.

HB40 would stop the so-called “trigger law” that makes abortion illegal in Illinois should Roe vs. Wade be overturned.

Need a reason to get Rauner gone before an anti-choice Supreme Court majority rules?

2 Replies to ““No-choice” Rauner promises to veto women’s rights.”

  1. The British call it the swing…in Kansas it was 20
    We will have some idea in Georgia tonight. If don’t take much in Illinois. It’s not an exciting group on the Democratic side but with the swing so big any one of them including the Madison country super. beat Rauner.

  2. Does he never listen to Diana?
    &, RE: Georgia–here’s another important race: Montana. BIG chance for a much-needed win. BUT–the right Dem–a real progressive. Google Rob Quist
    & read up. Sad case in Kansas, Koch Country (Wichita, specifically)–Dem candidate James Thompson (no, not ours!)–a PROGRESSIVE Dem–came w/in 7 pts. of beating GOP guy, Estes. Now, w/all the Dem talk of wanting to take back the House & Senate, you’da thunk that the DNC, DCCC & Kansas DC would have sunk some money/time into this? (GOPs sent Cruz in.)
    But–noooo! Now, GA candidate, Jon Ossoff, has been described as a “Hillary” Dem, &, of course, LOTS of $$$ requests (from people like us), money & time spent by DNC/DCCC. I did, indeed, contribute, but I won’t make any mistakes as w/Thompson’s Kansas loss (this was a special election to fill Pompeo’s seat; that having been said, Thompson plans to run in 2018, so this is a heads-up–we can start helping NOW). In the meantime, Montana’s election is in May, so please do get on Rob Quist’s website/Facebook page, & offer whatever help you can.

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