Spelling test.

The White House posted a picture of Betsy DeVos at that Easter Egg thing on Snapchat and misspelled her job title.


A couple of months ago, the Department of Education (sp?) posted a tweet about the great African American historian and American hero, W.E.B. du Bois and misspelled his name.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.27.43 AM

Spelling correctly seems to be a problem. And not a new one. When I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago, they spelled my degree incorrectly.


I received the diploma in the mail a few months after I finished the program and noticed the error. I made a copy of it, circled Bachelor of Arts in Art Educaton with a red marker, and sent the copy back to the Chancellor.

One of the things you learn to do in any quality educaton program is how to use a red marker to humiliate someone.

The Chancellor wrote me back.

He demanded I return the diploma so they could send me a corrected one.

No friggin’ way!

That kind of mistake on a stamp makes it more valuable.

Who knows what this diploma is worth today in auction?

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8 thoughts on “Spelling test.

  1. I have two degrees in English, and one of the happiest innovations since I graduated university was spell check (for me, a computer has most value as a spellchecker!).

      1. And sometimes it doesn’t work, even when used. Spellcheck has no mechanism for discerning homographs (2 or more words spelled alike, but different in meaning), so proofreading must be done. An amusing incident occurred when a well-known professor, who specialized in gifted education, sent a workshop announcement. The workshop promised to “Illicit many interesting questions & a lively discussion.” As I knew the prof., I called her office to tell someone about the mistake (an educator who specialized in gifted ed.–for shame!!). We agreed that, indeed, had it been “illicit” (of course, it was supposed to be “elicit”), many more would be excited to sign up!!
        And THAT’s where humans trump technology…and we always will.
        One final thought: use a dictionary (books/printed word will never be obsolete)! (&–a great one for bad spellers is “The Dictionary for Bad Spellers,” w/words written phonetically–fahnehtiklee, for example)

  2. Fred,
    I will make a $99.00 donation to the charity of your choice if you send me a full color, quality copy of your diploma and signed by you to the right of your name.
    Anyone else care to do the same? This is not a joke.
    Gerald Berkowitz

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