7 Replies to “Hundred Day and he still can’t play well with others.”

  1. You definitely did the drawing correctly.
    April 25, 2017
    Why are we spending so much time trying to match what Donald J. Trump says to reality? Is it because he is the President of the United States, and could start a war with words? Or because we place some sort of value on the truth, or on the meaning of words? Whatever the source of our folly, it is, from the President’s perspective, just that: a big waste of time. Reality will contort itself to match his imagination—his Presidentialness—all on its own. He doesn’t even need to sign laws, let alone accurately describe what he wants to do. He is in the White House; the world and time bend.

    That, at any rate, is among the secondary conclusions that one can draw from Trump’s interview, over the weekend, with Julie Pace, the White House correspondent for the Associated Press….

  2. And today was another crazy Donny and Bruce day so….I will share good news from head of Calsters. They are at 62 % funded but he expects no issues in making payments. He expects to get 7% returns. They don’t have the rock solid Constitutional protections we have but He Sure was not talking cuts. Of course they have a Teir 2 that is helping find Teir 1 and if we had California’s tax structure…well……

  3. The only truly secure guarantee that a public employee has is a fully funded pension system. But that’s a guarantee that’s likely to become rarer as cities face mounting fiscal strains. Of the nation’s 89,000 local governments, some 11,000 have defaulted on bonds at some point in our history. As pension costs continue to escalate, it’s nearly certain that the number of defaults will rise. How lucky do you feel? Will your city run out of money?

    1. Think about it? For someone who writes anonymously, you sure are an arrogant sob. This is what I write about and have for years – and not hiding in a closet – and you think you’re the genius on pensions? Our city and state is full of rich folks. Luck has nothing to do with.

  4. Fred I was looking at some comments on California sites and they repeat the same crap over and over. I suspect they are trolls or even bots. I suspect a Koch funded or even a Russian effort . I have noticed a pension obsession on Russian backed sites. They are very good at finding divisions in a society and pressing down like dental floss on a bleeding gum. We saw it in France today Le Pen was at a Whirlpool plant demanding it stay open . Macron got all Hillarylike confused.I divide the days news into the Ongoing crisis.Trump or Rauner. Then everything else.

  5. He enjoys starting up with every country–Canada…REALLY?
    Frightening, though, SERIOUSLY frightening that he “consulted w/100 Senate members tonight” RE: North Korea situation. Then will he come back & say he’d gotten Congress’ approval to advance movements against North Korea?
    Again, SERIOUSLY frightening.

    1. Bernie refused to be a prop in a photo-op or a simple publicity stunt for the orange-haired joker in the White House. What will it take the for the Democrats to follow his example? Call our Senators Durbin and Duckworth — let them know your feelings about being props or any other issue:

      For both House and Senate members:
      202 225-3121

      For what it’s worth…
      White House
      202 456-1111

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