Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers #13.

18194712_10156058813637067_9175530349606755160_n (1)

Episode #13 with in-studio guest journalist Curtis Black.

You can download the podcast here.

It is one hundred days since our first show, just as long as DT has been in office.

We have many accomplishments in spite of being blocked by Democrats and the Freedom Caucus.

They can’t stop us.

On the day Barbara Byrd Bennett was sentenced to four and half years in prison, we pondered the question of why the investigation stopped with her?

I speak with Bob Lyons who is retiring next month as the representative of retirees on the Teacher Retirement System board of trustees.

Bob and I are friends for long enough that I can overlook the fact that he is a Republican. I think it is now just habit and nobody takes a back seat to Bob when it comes to representing the interests of retired teachers in Illinois.

We are also joined by Curtis Black, columnist and reporter for the Chicago Reporter.

We spend a good amount of time talking with Curtis about the case of corrupt cop Reynaldo Guevara.

It reminds us of the CPD’s most famous torturer, Jon Burge.

As educators, my brother and I ponder how the burden of dealing with police torture fell on teachers and students, since it is now a required part of the CPS curriculum coming out of the court settlement with the City.

We have no problem with students learning about this sordid history of police torture and abuse. They should.

It just raises questions about who determines curriculum and who decides what knowledge is worth knowing and experiencing, which is the fundamental curriculum question.

Autocratic decisions by the mayor and votes by know-nothing legislators is a dubious source for sound curriculum decisions.

Another great show.

Next week our guests will be Alderman Scott Waguespack and political strategist Anne Emerson. Our guest co-host with brother Mike –  and honorary Klonsky brother – will be Harish Patel.

I will be in New York doing the 5 boro bike ride.


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