Searching for a real progressive that can beat Rauner in Illinois.

I was at Union Park for the May Day march and while we were waiting for the walking to get underway Christopher Kennedy walked past us.

I may have been the only one to notice him.

18195044_10156069081762067_6387196039874484652_nThe guy is running for governor of Illinois and he was walking through a crowd of thousands of progressives and nobody recognized him. I’m much better with faces than with names, but still. The guy was appearing incognito but not on purpose.

Liberal Democrats and progressives are hungry to beat Bruce Rauner in 2018 but so far the field of Democrats is weaker than the Cleveland Browns defensive line.

I would vote for anybody to beat Trump, I mean Rauner. But which one? Nobody is standing out on the basis of what they say. Give me something. Anything.

Rumor has it that the state’s unions favor J.B. Pritzker. His main qualification is that he is a rich Democrat who can self-fund a campaign. Tell me there isn’t something ironic about the labor movement going with a guy because he is the richest one in the race?

This morning Hari Sevugan retweeted Hari Sevugan.

Sevugan was playing the Hyatt Hotel card on J.B. which is fair, sort of, but a Pritzker relationship to the anti-labor policies of the Hyatt Hotel chain didn’t bother Sevugan when Obama brought Penny Pritzker to head the Commerce Department.

Speaking of Sevugan, Politico’s Natasha Korecki reported last week:

BISS FILLING OUT HIS TEAM (Scooplet) — State Sen. Daniel Biss has hired 270 Strategies founded by Obama organizers — to serve as general consultants to his gubernatorial campaign. The 270 team includes: Jeremy Bird: served as the 2012 National Field Director for President Obama and was dubbed ‘the Obama campaign’s secret weapon’ by Rolling Stone.

Hari Sevugan: a DuPage County native and former national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. Among his political feats: helping to elect Governors Kaine and O’Malley.

Rachel Campbell: a Champaign native, has worked on Illinois statewide and local races as well as communications for the Illinois State Senate Democrats.

Korecki was being kind. Also included in Sevugan’s CV  is his time as Vice President of Communications for StudentsFirst, the education reform organization founded by Michelle A. Rhee.

Should this make me wonder about Biss’s policy positions on education?

It does.

Some of my friends are rushing to support Biss or some other Democrat to beat Illinois’ Bruce Rauner.

I’m still waiting to find one who can.

8 Replies to “Searching for a real progressive that can beat Rauner in Illinois.”

  1. I still remember Biss’s love of pension theft; he is being very quiet about his past support for dismantling them. At the very least he has some explaining to do. Unions have gotten so weak that I want to know how he is going to protect the rights of the little guy. He will learn to talk a good game, but will he play fair with us?

  2. I worry about some progressives I know who keep putting Biss’s pronouncements on facebook. I think he is unelectable because of scapegoating public employees’ pensions. No one talks about it now but closer to the election people will be reminded and they will do the Pat Quinn polka. Pat Herrmann

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  3. Pritzker came to the Union rally for higher ed in Springfield. Biss did too, but he was there for session so it would almost be a diss if he ignored all the students and staff holding a teach-in at the capitol. It was cricketer from the other 3 running. Pawar spends most of his time on Daily Kos. Unless someone else shows up I have to side with the Unions Fred. I think the national dems would like it too. They won’t have to spend money to get Roskums seat. That may leave only 20 to 23 more seats depending on special elections to end the Trump era…..of course that number should have only been a dozen but I digress…..

  4. Also, make sure you check donations on Illinois Sunshine & other such sites, as well as voting record. Illinois Stand for Children donations–?

  5. The rumor that the unions support Pritzker is true, as far as the IFT goes. IFT district leaders have already said they will support and push for Pritzker, while working with “Brother Madigan.” (Their own word; try not to spit out your coffee at the thought of a corrupt millionaire politician being welcomed as “Brother Madigan.) However, the IFT district honcho said, they must be careful in how they do it. so they don’t anger the rank-and-file again, in the wake of the early Hillary endorsement.

    But not a single word about having each local taking a vote, and sending the result upwards, so that the
    endorsement truly reflects all its members’ voices, not just the voices of incestuous higher-level boards who are politically married to the like of “Brother Madigan.”

  6. Sorry–also meant to add since you mentioned Michelle Rhee’s Students First, that Stand for Children is even worse. If any of you don’t know about this organization, there is a great article explaining their mission & deeds against public education in Rethinking Education (sorry–as usual, don’t have the link–I’d found it by Googling it).

  7. Also, archive Fred’s blogs–he had quite a few posts on Jonah Edelman, founder of Stand for Children (those in the know call it Stand ON Children), who came all the way from another state (Oregon, I think), to force SB 7 upon us (bill passed, & restricts collective bargaining of teacher unions–was agreed to by both IFT & IEA). Jonah bragged about his “victory” at a public meeting, &, having been caught on tape, apologized (an afterthought, surely). Jonah Edelman is the equivalent of Michael J. Fox’s Alex Keaton, oldest, conservative son of the liberal, former “hippy” Keaton parents, in the successful sit-com “Family Ties,” making Fox a star.
    Edelman is the son of Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, for which Hillary Rodham Clinton worked a while back. Father Peter Edelman is a liberal journalist/author.
    &, yes, Stand ON Children is all over the U.S.–as aforementioned, IL Stand for Children makes political donations, having a PAC.

  8. OK–have a Stand On Children info. link for you–
    from this link, you can access a fact sheet, the article from Rethinking Schools (sorry–NOT Education) & other important info.

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