May Day Monday. Springfield faculty strike Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.31.59 AM

The faculty union at the University of Illinois at Springfield sent the following notice to members last night:

Bad news.  Strike is on.
We came into bargaining today hopeful that we would be able to avert a strike. As you know, we have been bargaining for some time now on reappointment, tenure, and promotion language that recognizes our existing policy, and which would have protections to ensure the fairness and integrity of the process.
After lengthy conversations on Friday, we thought we had found a solution that protects our faculty in what is the most important milestone in an academic career. We proposed a committee made up of faculty and administrators from within UIS who would examine cases where the personnel policy has been violated in cases of reappointment, tenure, and promotion. Administration left us Friday with the impression that some version of this would be amenable, with the details to be worked out today.
Today, we met. We heard more about their position on the makeup of just such a committee, adjusted our proposal and sent it to their side.
Again, they backed out.
Seven more hours wasted. After keeping us waiting all day, they came back with nothing, arguing for a worse arrangement than they started with even though they knew a strike was at stake.
We have worked at this. They have not.
We have bargained in good faith. They have not.
They don’t believe we have any fight in us. We do.
We will see you on the picket lines tomorrow morning.
Many will want to know: what do I tell my students? You can let them know via an email, or post your away message stating: Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty at UIS will be on strike starting Tuesday morning until further notice. Faculty on strike will not be available via email or in person during office hours. 
In solidarity,
The Executive Board and Negotiating Team of UIS UF.

UIS UF voted just over two weeks ago to authorize a strike.

The faculty has not had a contract since October 2015. Faculty at the school became unionized when it was known as Sangamon State University. When there was a merger with the University of Illinois in 1995, it became UIS.

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