Who is that sitting in my Hitting Left chair?

Wish me luck.

Sunday I will be joining some family members in the 5 Boro bike ride in New York. I fly from Chicago on Friday morning, pick up my bib and stuff on Friday afternoon, pick up my bike in Brooklyn on Saturday and do the 40 miles or so on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.57.50 AM

Not bad for an old guy.

But I will be missing our broadcast of Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers, episode #14.

As you know, we broadcast live at http://www.lumpenradio.com 105.5FM, from the beautiful studio at Co-Prosperity Sphere in the always sunny neighborhood of Bridgeport on Chicago’s south side at 11AM on Friday mornings.

This Friday’s guests are the progressive alderman from my neighboring 32nd Ward, Scott Waguespack and the brilliant political strategist, Anne Emerson.

I told my brother to go ahead without me and that he could even find another temporary guest host – a brother stand-in.

C-NqJIjVwAIWFqeSo, he did.

Harish Patel is co-hosting Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

Yes. That Harish. The one you saw explaining it to Barack Obama when Obama was in Chicago the other day. That’s Obama on the left. That’s Harish Patel on Obama’s far left.

Check out the socks.

I explained to Harish that I was glad to have him sit in and that he would be a great co-host. But don’t get too comfortable. The co-hosting job is not permanent.

The chair is mine.

It will be a great show.

Last Friday’s Hitting Left is now downloadable.

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