Keeping retirement weird. Young blood pressure and Bike New York.

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If you listen to the podcast of Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers which was broadcast live on and 105.5FM yesterday at 11AM, you will notice that this Klonsky brother wasn’t there.

Joining Progressive 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack and progressive political strategist Anne Emerson was Harish I. Patel, also a progressive political activist and former candidate for State Representative from my neighboring 40th District.

Brother Mike suggested Harish as a permanent guest host. “Young blood,” my bro said. And I couldn’t agree more. Patel could replace me and I would replace my older brother.

If Harish would have been elected as a state rep, as I suggested and endorsed, he would have been the first Muslim in the Illinois House. Of course, at the pace we are moving, when Harish runs and wins any office he has a strong chance of being the first Muslim to hold that position.

We have lots more work to do.

Alderman Waguespack endorsed Harish in that election, unlike my alderman. There were others who called themselves progressives who endorsed the Regular Machine candidate in spite of the fact that he was the Regular Machine candidate. Such are the strange alliances that make up Chicago politics.

It ain’t bean bag, as Harold always warned us.

The first family and friends New York 5 Boro Bike Ride team in 2013.

The reason I missed the show was that I am riding the 40 mile New York bike ride on Sunday. I am joining the team made up of family and friends.

I have some anxiety about it. I ride around the neighborhood on my bike in the summer. On occasion I will ride my bike downtown, which is about twenty miles round trip.

But 40 miles?

My daughter-in-law, Candy, constantly reminds me that it is not 40 miles because we end in DUMBO (under the Brooklyn Bridge) to drink Margaritas. We don’t go over the final leg to Staten Island which shortens the journey by 13 miles plus no one-hour wait to take the ferry back.

Candy claims we should not call it the 40 Mile New York 5 Boro Bike Ride. We should call it The 4 Boro and 5 Margaritas Bike Ride.

Another family member, who shall go unnamed, said I might want to call it The 2 Boro and then the ER Bike Ride.

I have been struggling with some blood pressure issues lately. I could blame it on Trump, Rauner and Rahm. But really it is the result of years of body mismanagement that I have been working to correct in retirement. After an echocardiogram ordered by my doctor and a change of medication, I asked him if a 40 mile bike ride would be okay, hoping secretly that he would say, “No way!”

Instead he said, “No problem. Unless you get shortness of breath and feel chest pains.”

Meaning no problem unless I have a heart attack.

See. That is the thing about young blood. In some ways I wish I could turn back the clock. My trainer, Doug, wants me at the gym working out every day. “It will add three years to your life,” he tells me.

But they will the last three.

Those aren’t the ones I want. What I want are like three from my twenties.

But this old blood will be back to the show next week with guest Dr. Timuel Black.

Talk about young blood!

One Reply to “Keeping retirement weird. Young blood pressure and Bike New York.”

  1. Don’t push and you should be fine, especially since you know your bike. It’s people riding a bike that doesn’t really fit who aren’t worried who bonk 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

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