Does Trump want a J. Edgar Hoover?

This morning’s great debate is over the issue of what is behind Donald Trump’s firing of F.B.I. Director, James Comey.

Among the cable and print pundits there seems to be only two choices.

It was over Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It was over the investigation into connections between the Russians and Trump.

But there may be a bigger picture answer. With the racist defender of unrestricted police power, Jeff Sessions, as head of the Department of Justice, what Trump might be seeking is another J. Edgar Hoover as F.B.I. director.

Hoover had un-restrained power as F.B.I. director and the F.B.I. under Hoover functioned as a federal political secret police force, pursuing perceived political enemies of the state.

That kind of director would certainly be a perfect fit for this anti-democratic president.

During the McCarthy era, the F.B.I. harassed and persecuted liberals, progressives and communists, sending a steady stream of reports to Hoover on those who did no more then attend a meeting, a rally or marched in a protest.

Hoover’s agents tailed elementary school students to school if their parents happened to be Leftists.

I know about that first hand.

During the 60s, F.B.I. agents infiltrated the student, anti-war and civil rights movements, often as agent provocateurs, encouraging illegal activities.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 6.53.06 AM
The infamous Hoover suicide letter sent to Martin Luther King who Hoover called the most dangerous Negro in America.

Among Hoover’s most infamous acts was ordering a letter sent to Dr. Martin Luther King suggesting that King commit suicide or the Bureau would fabricate and release damaging personal information.

Hoover called King, “The most dangerous Negro in America.”

A ten-year appointment of an F.B.I. Director by the anti-democratic Trump cannot be allowed to proceed by those in Congress who have the power to stop it.

Democrats in the Senate have the power to reject any Trump appointment as F.B.I. director.

And that is what they should do.

4 Replies to “Does Trump want a J. Edgar Hoover?”

  1. Its both Fred. Every dictator should have is own secret police. Nixon never had control if them and the CIA hated Nixon though nowhere near as much as they hate Trump. Good news is Trump seems to be like a 3 stooges wanna be dictator and he has earned the emnity of the rank and file. He and his buddies like Bannon and Sessions and the Mercers and Kushners would like to copy Vlads route to dictatorship. Vlad had control of all the Russian equivalents and then he staged some fake terror attacks. Trump does have ICE and the support of some local cops though he has no direct control . Sessions is just making them happy by letting them kill people without federal civil rights oversight. If ICE was independant it would be more worried about the Russian invaders in New York real estate and the White House than the poor people on the southern boarder. We should consider ourselves lucky that Trump has not been able to take over the really dangerous agencies. But we know he will keep trying.

  2. Amen….someone else who sees the bigger picture. Trump is all about distraction to get his way in the long run. He may be stupid when it comes to running the country, but he is a “sly fox” in the business world. He is always looking at the end game and he counts on the public looking at the short term happenings to distract. It’s time for someone to call his bluff.

  3. He failed miserably in real business and went into Russia. There are pics of traitor Kissenger with him and his employer or maybe both.Kissenger probably on Russian payroll now. Selling out to China just not have been profitable enough. I am hoping the rumors about Schneidermans involvement are true. Trump can’t issue pardons for state crimes. Fred was recently in NYC. I have friends there who say there is Russian money throughout NYC real estate.

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