8 Replies to “The ghost of F.B.I. Directors past.”

  1. Combine him with a President and his hacks in Congress and we have a nightmare….oh we have a nightmare….I am posting all those who have some direct Russian tie.
    Trump and kids. Russian customers . Tillerson Exxon. At least 2 of his real estate friends per NYT. Of course Flynn,Mannafort,Stone and Page. Pence was out onbticket by Mannafort. There is the education connection of Davos and her brother Prince the mercenary and Toss at Commerce who is on a bank board in Cyprus. Then there are a ton of fishy Gop congresscritters led by the Paul’s. The Mercer Bannon alt right has had some links but they are bad enough on their own. All the ties I have here have been in the media. It’s not rumors.

  2. Sorry how could I have missed our old southern Russian backed gentleman Beuregurd Sessions who met the Russian abassador who was palling around with Trump and Henry K at the White House. Also Jane Mayer found the Ban on Mercer connection to Russia through Nigel Farage. Here is some good news Mercer is being sued by a former employee for a contraction violation stemming from his racist rants. Do any Illinois pension funds do business with Mercers Renaissance Capital?

  3. Off topic, but important–did you all see that Sinclair Broadcasting Group (or Corporation) just bought the Tribune Co.? (This includes WGN.)

    Good thing they can’t buy you, Fred.
    (Although the end of net neutrality leaves us…?)

  4. I should have put zombie pension theft under the crap on teachers week thread. I want to defend Comey here. I listened to his very careful testimony. He wanted to make a bigger deal on Trump Russia. It was Obama who told him not to. It was Chafetz who leaked the letter and he is gone or going. And lets face it the Clintons create a lot of their own problems and one of them is in the Chicago mayors office.

  5. I have no sympathy for Comey. He threw the election plain and simple. All the bad stuff that Trump has done/is doing/will do is because Comey threw the election, enabling Trump to win.

  6. There is no evidence that there was any foul play. No evidence of Russian involvement. Six months ago the dems were begging for Comey to be fired. Please tell the class when would have been a better time for Comey to be kicked to the curb. When will you silly democrats/ liberal realize Hillary was an extremely flawed candidate? Heard that the Hidabeast might be interested in another run at the presidency. Hilarious!!!! Your entire party has lost touch with reality.

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