From the Illinois Retired Teachers Association comes a warning of Democrat Barbara Flynn Currie’s latest attempt at pension theft.

State Representative Barbara Flynn Currie, second most powerful Democrat in the Illinois House.

From the IRTA:

Representative Barbara Flynn Currie has presented a new pension reform proposal in the House of Representatives, HB 4045, which will have a hearing on May 16, 2017.  In addition, Leader Durkin has filed an identical bill, HB 4027, that is also scheduled for a hearing that day.

The proposals would:

–Recalculate how the state pays into the pension system.  It will backload the pension payments, paying less now with the promise that the state will pay more down the road.  This pushing off the pension payment is the same mentality that got the state into this mess in the first place.

–Requires active teachers and other current state employees to make a choice. They can choose to keep their compounded COLA in retirement, but can no longer have pay raises count toward their future pensionable salary. Or they can give up the compounded COLA, but continue having raises count toward their retirement benefits and be placed into the Tier II pension plan.

–Provides $215 million for Chicago teacher pensions.

–The General Assembly Retirement System will be closed to new members.

Not only are these measures unfair, the IRTA would suggest the changes proposed are unconstitutional. The lawyers who represented the IRTA Members against Senate Bill 1, Gino DiVito and John Fitzgerald, recently wrote an opinion concerning proposed “consideration” language presented in this bill.


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10 Replies to “From the Illinois Retired Teachers Association comes a warning of Democrat Barbara Flynn Currie’s latest attempt at pension theft.”

    1. What you said, David, infinite times over.
      And…no time like the present. Who amongst you will run for office?

      Fred, we all know you have a great Rep. (Will Guzzardi), but who’s your State Senator?

      BTW, I used to live in B.F. Currie’s district (in the early ’80s), & she was a GREAT Rep. then, but if ever there was an argument for term limits, she’s one for the books.

  1. Unlike the national dems the state one can impeach him. And the can get some Senate votes. Sam McCan we are moving the capitol to Chicago or Chapin Rose U of I is moving north.It is not exactly that big a lift. Maybe the goalie and the Senate but are enjoying the impass too.

  2. There are still a sizable number of Democrats who are willing to sell us out…again…and again…and again

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see her named as an IEA Friend of Education Award recepient

    1. Morty–LOVE your last sentence.

      Yet another gift from our IL G.A.teacher-haters on the last day of Teachers “Appreciation” Week!

  3. Also–the General Assembly website says (as of now) that it WILL be in session on Monday, May 15th, so look up those pertinent bills?Education Committee meetings (click on House & Senate, & you can find the daily, weekly & monthly schedules). If bills are up (esp. SB1, 1124, 1125 & HB 4045 & HB 4027), FILE A WITNESS SLIP as an OPPONENT for EACH bill; for the Automatic Voter Bill–1933 {I think it’s House}–sign in as a PROPONENT.
    And… CALL your reps. & senators to express your viewpoint.

  4. &, of course, call & file slips opposing (OPPONENT) HB 4045 & HB 4027.
    Check the Monday, May 15th, schedule, as well–they might sneak it in.

  5. This is from a Democratic precinct committeeman in DuPage County,
    B.F. Currie = Elaine Nekritz 2.0! What is with her??? Currie was a big cheer leader for the Nekritz / Biss / Madigan Sb 1. Have Currie, (John) Cullerton, and Madigan learned nothing from their experience with Pat Quinn in the 2014 gubernatorial race? Sb 1, the Democratic leadership’s pension cutting (theft) bill supported by a majority of Democrats, signed by Quinn on Dec. 3, 2013 and declared unconstitutional two years ago, played a huge, if not a decisive role in giving us Rauner in 2014. HELLO DEMS, THE MIDTERMS ARE JUST 18 MONTHS AWAY!!! YOUR STUPIDITY IS NOT ONLY ELAINE NEKRITZ 2.0, BUT BECAUSE OF YOU QUITE POSSIBLY RAUNER 2.0!!! HINT! HINT!… CUTS TO SERVICES, HEALTH CARE, AND PENSIONS (AUSTERITY) HAVE LOST THEIR POPULARITY!!!

    1. Right on, Karl! As to your last sentence, isn’t that what the Dems are saying REPUBLICANS do–?!
      These poor excuses for Democrats must be primaried.

  6. Not again; House Bill 4045. It seems crazy that the sponsors of this Bill just haven’t learned or more likely they have and they just don’t care. The Kanerva v Weems case already settled this issue no matter how they try to skin the cat. Why waste the time and money?

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