Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #15. Timuel Black and Susan Klonsky.


It perfectly characterizes my brother and sister-in-law, Susan Klonsky, that they would be spending their 49th wedding anniversary on the radio talking with the legendary Chicagoan, professor Timuel Black.

“49 years without a fight,” Susan insists.

I was a missed presence from the show last week. I was riding the 40 mile, 5 boro New York Bike Ride, although brother Mike claims it looked on Facebook more like a 40 mile pub crawl.

I quickly changed the subject.

Thanks to Harish Patel for sitting in last week as co-host. It was reported that there was a massive mass movement for Harish to permanently replace me. But we broadcast out of Bridgeport, home of a certain well-known Chicago political dynasty. Merit is less a factor than blood ties in that part of town.

Joining us along with Susan Klonsky was professor Timuel Black.

Tim is 98 years old this year and he and Susan have been working on his soon-to-be-published memoir, Sacred Ground.

One hour is simply not enough.

As it was we covered stories from the day Tim introduced Dr. Martin Luther King to Duke Ellington to the March on Washington to Harold Washington’s conditions for running for and winning the office of Chicago Mayor.

The best show ever.

Don’t forget to support Lumpen Radio’s Swag-a-Thon.

I bought the mug.

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