Random thoughts. Summer comes to the heartland, left-wing radio, Aziz Ansari and Seyfarth Shaw.

The thermometer nearly hit 90 degrees yesterday in Chicago.

This morning, a beautiful morning, Ulysses sits while I have my coffee with soy across from the Logan Square Centennial monument.


The New York Times reports there is a resurgence in left-wing programming since Trump’s election.

Although the sky is clear, this appears to be the silver lining on this morning’s non-existent clouds.

And it might explain the growing audience for our radio show/podcast, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. This week we are joined by my old pal, Jerry Harris. Jerry heads up the Global Studies Association.

Globalization is the current word for what I always thought was imperialism.  So, I am looking forward to a discussion that this week will look at the wider world through the lens of the Klonsky brothers and Jerry.

It should be informative as well as entertaining and a prime example of resurgent left-wing programming.

http://www.lumpenradio.com 105.5FM @ 11AM and podcast later at HittingLeft.libsyn.com

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been watching the Netflix show Masters of None with the brilliant Aziz Ansari you are missing something great.

The second season started with a wonderful take on the Italian film, The Bicycle Thief, with Ansari learning pasta-making in Modena, Italy. A cell phone takes the place of the bicycle in the original film by the legendary director, Vittorio De Sica.

I watched episode three last night. Titled Religion, Ansari tackles what he faces as a Muslim in America and makes it the stuff of sweet comedy.

Lastly. I noticed that the giant law firm, Seyfarth Shaw is having financial problems.

Why should I care?

Because Seyfarth Shaw is a giant national law firm that specializes in labor law.

Not pro-labor.


For years they were the firm that represented our board of education in bargaining with our local union. Even though ours was a small suburban district, Seyfarth Shaw would send in a senior partner to do the bargaining.

This couldn’t have been cheap.

What a prick.

I bargained along with our bargaining team a dozen times with their guy on the other side of the table whose main role was to try and provoke us.

The firm cut their teeth representing the California growers against Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Union.

I guess I should take it as a sign of respect that the board needed them to bargain with us.

But I’m not sorry they are facing tough times.

4 Replies to “Random thoughts. Summer comes to the heartland, left-wing radio, Aziz Ansari and Seyfarth Shaw.”

  1. “…a resurgence in left-wing programming since Trump’s election.”
    until Andy Lack gives O’Donnell the ax.

    1. Classic MSNBC management style. Go left when right-wing media is on the upswing. Go right when left-wing media is on the upswing. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you’re smart.

  2. Sad to think O’Donnell would be given the heave-ho–he was so great during the 2016 primary cycle: one of the few who was fair insofar as the Dem primaries–i.e., not biased against Bernie, pandering to Hillary (hear that, Chris Matthews, who should have had time off, as his wife was running for office, & getting $$ from the DNC–he was the worst–rude to Jeff Weaver, Bernie, called CA early, asking Weaver if this would encourage Bernie voters to just stay home–awful, NOT a journalist–loud, in-your-face…).
    As for Brian Williams, weapons of destruction are “beautiful?!” (he said, as he gazed blankly–& I DO mean blankly–off into TVland).
    As I’d commented on another blog, now that daughter, Allison, is finished w/Girls on HBO, perhaps she’d take Brian’s job. Which she could probably do better.

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