The impotent Illinois Education Association is a day late and a dollar short on pension theft.

This is what the IEA posted on their web site today.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 3.10.08 PM

The IEA tells its members:

Please email your state representative and ask him or her to oppose House Bills 4027 (Durkin-R) and 4045 (Currie-D), and contact your state senator to oppose Senate Bill 16 (Cullerton-D).

What they don’t tell their members is that the senate vote was yesterday and we lost. They sent out no action  message before hand.

Please contact your state representative to vote no on pension theft.

4 thoughts on “The impotent Illinois Education Association is a day late and a dollar short on pension theft.

  1. Asleep at the wheel. As usual. The fact that IEA did not even recieve a heads up shows how out the loop our union is.

    I hope Audrey likes her seat at the table.

    The kids table.

    In the basement.

  2. I just opened my e-mails, & read one from “We are One” (which is the IEA/IFT &–?) @ 2:50 PM today!My thought, exactly, Fred–YESTERDAY.
    LOTS of dollars short–that would be us, due to their inaction.

    What do their Legislative Chairpersons (or whatever they’re called) get paid for? (& don’t they have staff?) Why do WE always have to be the ones to “watch the hawks,” i.e., find out in which bills our issues are hidden (& they always are, such as the $9K to be taken from sp.ed.), what committees will hear them & when, & spreading the word about calling committee members & area legislators, as well as sending instructions for filing witness slips?
    If you don’t already know, you can’t imagine the # of bills & amendments up for hearings to voting which will affect your teaching/students, your own kids’ education & your benefits/pensions.
    Readers, since school is still in session (& we all know that your day isn’t done at 3 or 4 PM, giving you all the time in the world to research what is going on every day {for the next 2 weeks} in S’field) get your locals to contact these yokels in Springfield & tell them to do their job–they have only through May 31st–when the 100th General Assembly adjourns for summer–to do their best for you & those $$ you spent foe state membership.
    Do you really have any time during the week to do their jobs for them?
    Bottom line, is, perhaps they’re NOT doing them will simply do in YOUR job.

  3. Fred, I was scrolling on Twitter and saw that @monquiegarcia posted it was at 4:36 pm yesterday. Don’t recall hearing anything from IEA prior. They did send an email at 4:47 asking for members to contact their House representative though.

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