Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers #16. Globalization.


Here is this week’s podcast of our radio, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

Anne and I were at the welcome back parade for returning Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera yesterday, down Paseo Boricua in Chicago’s historically Puerto Rican Humboldt Park neighborhood.

After Mikes intro, I shared a short sound montage of what really was more of a party than a march.

Mike Klonsky, Jerry Harris and me.

The rest of the show – aside from a little fingering wagging at Illinois Democrats who voted for pension theft last week – was all about globalization with the head of the Global Studies Association, Jerry Harris.

The trick here is to make this conversation not too academic.

It’s kind of like pensions in that sense. I’ve learned that if I get too weedy, eyes start to glaze over.

I find it is the same with the issue of globalization.

It is easy to get too academic.

But Jerry is a working class guy, veteran of the south Chicago steel mills and a product of generations of a family of working class intellectuals.

And aside from that, we have been friends since eighth grade in Los Angeles. Mike and Jerry’s brother Paul went to the same L.A. high school and played basketball together.

So, this hour of Hitting Left is no graduate seminar on global economics. It is down-to-earth conversation.

Globalization is not a spectator sport.

Check it out.

Best. Show. Ever.

One Reply to “Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers #16. Globalization.”

  1. Looking at the data I will make it simple. In recent times it really boils down to the stupid way we have Permanent normal trade relations to China.

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