Tell your Illinois state representative to vote no on pension theft. I did. Will Guzzardi responds.

Illinois’ 39th District State Representative Will Guzzardi.


The “consideration model” in Senate Bill 16 is plainly unconstitutional. Retirees would be forced into choosing between one diminishment of benefits and another, and that choice can only reasonably construed as a diminishment. It’s like a restaurant that only sold burgers and hot dogs calling itself a vegetarian restaurant because you had a choice between two options. 

And as for the savings by creating a Tier III, it’s not at all clear to me that Tier III benefits meet the Safe Harbor test — that is, that the benefits are at least as generous as Social Security. If not, we’ll end up putting all those members in Social Security, which means the savings they plan to realize won’t come to fruition.

All in all, it seems like SB 16 is trying to cleverly avoid the plain fact stated by the Illinois Constitution and affirmed by the Illinois Supreme Court: pension benefits are a promise we have to keep. There’s only one real way to fix the unfunded liability. We need to raise revenues and pay what we owe. 

Will Guzzardi

State Representative 39th District

5 Replies to “Tell your Illinois state representative to vote no on pension theft. I did. Will Guzzardi responds.”

  1. They keep comming at the retirees and the workforce for their own mistakes. Enough already, listen to Mr. Guzzardi…
    How refreshing it is to have a poll that cares, thank you sir. And yes Mike I agree , we need people in office both in Springfield and Chicago that will put back on track and doesn’t buy the office they seek. The ZOMBIES of Illinois and Chicago need to realize that our votes have to be thought out and not because of tv ads running constant….pssst, a lil secret, because it’s on tv doesn’t make it true. I’de vote for Mr Guzzardi for Gov. too

  2. Please also reach out for the 500 TRS retirees , age 65+ who make the choice to continue to live IN IL. Only Fred and Glenn have addressed this health insurance issue…. see past posts. The IFT, IEA, and certainly the IRTA has blocked every effort from both sides to address these issues ! Has anyone looked at the effect taxing pensions would have on us as we will be charged almost $900.00 per month for single coverage health insurance for 2017/2018 beginning July 2017 ? … R emember IFT leaders , substitute teachers who worked 1 – 1 1/2 days to get into the pension ! Please look at the DATA , stop throwing those of us under the bus who taught 30+ years and continue to live IN IL. Keep up stating the truth, Fred and Glen ! Some of us have NO responses from our legislators for over 10 years… we have no voice. A big Thank you for being our voice.

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