When decency and kindness is a radical concept. My bed is made.


Even though this is a dreary, rainy Chicago day I’m in a good mood. Yesterday morning we did a great Hitting Left with our friend Jerry Harris. And then last night we had dinner and good conversation with old friends.

In a few weeks this blog will hit the 4 million page views mark. Our podcast numbers are increasing each week. A lot of people like what we say.

But inevitably the small – I want to emphasize small – number of trolls need to send nasty and mean spirited comments. It’s not that they disagree. I’m good with that. It is that they are mean and anonymous and know that their comments will never see the light of day on this blog.

They just get off on sending them.

I mentioned on the radio show yesterday that it seems that a political party with a program of decency and kindness would seem radical in today’s climate.


To show you what I mean I will make a rare exception. This morning this appeared in my in-box:

One can get tired of listening to the bitching from people that freely chose a path in life for reasons that had little or nothing to do with money and then at the end they decide to count the chips, they find out there are not as many as they thought.

So you bitch, piss and moan out of jealously and a perceived lack of fairness in the world, then try to figure out ways to get some for yourself based on the mistaken belief that you some how “deserve” it.

After all you did work hard and are good people, and contributed a lot more to society than the assholes that got it all.

To you I say KISS MY ASS!!!!

Or as grandma would so eloquently put it “you made your bed…………..”

As I said, I’m in a really good mood this morning and so I’m going to respond to this worm wearing a happy smile.

First, anonymous, you are wrong on the facts.

I didn’t just discover I don’t get chips. Our chips were taken from us by the state.


I always find it ironic that those who lecture us about freedom and how bad big government is have no problem with the idea that the government can steal and violate contractual obligations and respond with, too bad and kiss my ass.

Some free market advocate you turned out to be.

Beyond contracts and law, what is most annoying about these anonymous comments is their total ignorance of the lived lives of people in this country and around the world.

It is like that Republican Congressman who, in voting against healthcare said that healthy people were good people and people who got ill were bad people. “Good people,” he said, “don’t have pre-existing conditions.”

The argument my anonymous troll is making is that your status in life is a result of the choices you have made.

If you are poor, you made a bad choice.

If you are rich it is because you made all the right choices.

If pressed, anonymous might even admit that luck enters into the equation.

But those who argue life is all about the choices you make will never concede that we live in a system of institutionalized racism and gender discrimination. They will never concede that profit trumps decency.

For them, it is all about choices.

For them, a system based on decency and kindness is a sucker’s game.


4 Replies to “When decency and kindness is a radical concept. My bed is made.”

  1. There is an eerie similarity to many of these troll comments. I was reading about some of the court cases in California which is different from us but the comments looked the same? Is it the Koch fronts using bots?

  2. Wow. That is one angry dude-not to mention, an illogical one. I won’t even address his (il)logical points;you’ve already done that. I’m just struck by how angry he is…wow.

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