Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. #17


This week we had our first real adventure in live radio.

We were so pleased about having our old friend Prexy Nesbitt on our show. Prexy has been to South Africa over 40 times and has much to share.

Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Jamie Trecker, Mike and me.

Following up on last week’s show with Jerry Harris, head of the Global Studies Association, we wanted to get into what is happening in the third world, particularly Africa in the age of Trump and globalization.

But weather in New York and at La Guardia had a different plan and Prexy couldn’t get a flight out.

Which we found about, through no fault of Prexy’s, a few hours before our live show.

But my bro and I are nothing if not light on our feet, even if a few steps slower these days.

Did I mention Mike had a birthday yesterday.

Alderman John Arena called in to talk about the fight for affordable housing in the 45th ward, where opponents think too much density is an acceptable euphemism for racism and segregation.

It’s not.

And we spent the rest of the hour talking about our favorite topics: Schools, funding, choice, vouchers and Betsy DeVos.

Some live listeners (not all – so that’s weird) reported they couldn’t hear the De Vos sound bite. But it is all here on our podcast.

Best. Show. Ever.

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