The Sunday Times.

While thousands from every part of the world rallied to the call of the Communist International to form an International Brigade to confront with arms the fascist threat, the solidarity movement everywhere took practical shape.
Banners for Spain, Fighting the Spanish Civil War in London shows in public, for the first time in decades, banners produced by the Hammersmith Communist Party to aid Spain.


The first center devoted to victims of police torture opened its doors in Chicago Friday. Chicago Torture Justice Center is in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and is the first center of its kind in the country.

The idea is to cater to the specific needs of victims of police torture.  The center offers everything from therapy to counseling and educational resources. Many who come to the center for help were victims of disgraced Chicago police commander John Burge. And they say this is necessary to help them get some part of their lives back.

The center is funded largely by private donations along with the Chicago Public Health Department. WGN


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 7.01.56 AM

The Beleaguered Tenants of  Kushnerville.

That February, Lennettea filed a written court notice explaining that her mother, who was dying of pancreatic cancer, was “in terminal hospice care and is not eligible to work.” She added by way of supporting evidence a letter from the hospice provider to Joan Beverly’s bank, explaining her and her husband’s late mortgage payments on their home: “There has been added financial stress because Mrs. Beverly is very ill at this time.” But JK2 Westminster persisted in seeking a hearing on the suit. In March, a district court judge found in favor of the company — a total judgment against Joan of more than $5,500.

Joan died two weeks later. Her husband, Tyrone Beverly, a retired longshoreman, requested that the judgment against his deceased wife be removed but was denied. The case remains open in the court database. Tyrone, who was married to Joan for 32 years, told me that he had assumed the judgment had been dismissed and was unaware that it was still listed as awaiting payment. “They just didn’t treat us fair,” he said. Propublica



So I suspect it’s time to raise the ghost of a man known as the Emir Abdelkader – Muslim, Sufi, sheikh, ferocious warrior, humanist, mystic, protector of his people against Western barbarism, protector of Christians against Muslim barbarism, so brave that the Algerian state insisted his bones were brought home from his beloved Damascus, so noble that Abe Lincoln sent him a pair of Colt pistols and the French gave him the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. He loved education, he admired the Greek philosophers, he forbade his fighters to destroy books, he worshipped a religion which believed – so he thought – in human rights. But hands up all readers who know the name of Abdelkader. Robert Fisk


In this photo, Micah Fletcher is reading poetry on a MAX train on Memorial Day weekend, 2016. This year, he was one of three men attacked with a knife by a man accosting two women, one of whom was wearing a hijab. Micah is the only one to survive.


2 Replies to “The Sunday Times.”

  1. a total judgment against Joan of more than $5,500. “They just didn’t treat us fair,” he said.

    Well, look at that. Someone owed money to Kushner, and he took them to Court. Where have I heard that scenario before (someone owed Fred Klonsky some pension money and he took them to Court)?

    Joan, the debtor, died – so that makes it different? Illinois is dying – Chicago, the only major US city to be losing population. Feel in a forgiving mood, Fred?

    1. “Joan, the debtor, died – so that makes it different?” Has anyone ever told you how creepy you are?

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