Friday’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Music and a social justice moral movement.

Chicago singer Sima Cunningham.
Pastor Tom Gaulke.
Rabbi Brant Rosen.

Join us Friday at 11AM for this week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

We will be joined in-studio by singer Sima Cunningham. 

Also coming by our studio in the always sunny neighborhood of Bridgeport on Chicago’s south side will be social justice activist and Pastor Tom Gaulke of Bridgeport’s own First Lutheran Church of the Trinity.

Joining  Pastor Tom will be Rabbi Brant Rosen of Chicago’s Tzedek congregation. Rabbi Rosen is also a social justice religious leader. In addition to his work with the non-Zionist Tzedek Congregation he is is Midwest Regional Director of the American Friends Service Committee.

We will be talking about the activities in Springfield where the legislative session is winding up and where the Capitol Rotunda was filled with protesters. We will be also discussing what the Rev. William Barber calls the revolution of values.

Friday, 11AM

105.5 FM in Chicago.

Live streaming at

Podcast as

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